[World Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (Stanza 3491 – 3493) By Godwin Inyang


Puzzlement made me hug myself with every hand;
Then, I climbed up to gawp at our changing land.
On the leaves I did my acclimatization;
Up an ebony tree I did my investigation.
I’d been really long from the midst of our clan;
Before meeting them, I wished to know their plan
And vision; with their new ways, the transformed tracks;
I felt like I’d been dumped with the mossy-backs.
It all looked like dream or up in the cloud
I had my head – should I not be proud

Seeing across our land decent transformation?
The good life too was the new direction.
Then, I felt it would be sin judging others
From afar; so I climbed down to see the real matters.
The transformation was immense that I mixed
Faces and paths – my way in short I missed.
Before raising suspicious stares, I jumped
Into a bar and on a seat my butt I dumped.
I suddenly realized I couldn’t order a thing
For though famous, in my pocket I’d nothing.

Truth dawned on me: I had to apply my wits.
As the waiter came to me: ‘Please, wait a bit,’
I said but he replied: ‘Sir, I know you’re new here.
Can I help?’ I laughed and said: ‘Not really, dear;
‘I’m from here but left home a long time ago;
The new shape of town makes me lose my way so.’
‘It’s been long since you left?’ the waiter asked.
‘Yes, ‘ I said and nodded and later asked:
‘Have any idea of the Fixit Lodge or does
Any from there the drink here down his throat would toss?’


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