[World Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (Stanza 3476 – 3478) By Godwin Inyang


Now, lessons I learnt digging into the Bible deeper
Are these: righteous living is the biggest cover
From all evil darts; don’t wait and die foolishly
To order your life from today’s prophecy
For the great Beelzebub too from of old
Had slipped fake prophets into the fold.
Have God, kill fear and apply your common sense;
Fighting a foe on his ground requires prudence.
Yes, the love train was outside tooting its horn;
I was joining it to search for love right where I was born.

(Done with my verse, ‘This Life’,
And successfully uploading
It in bits on Facebook,
I strode out of the section
Jim used as office in
The converted container
And outside did look.
The entire camp was deserted
As the crew had gone out
Filming – I headed out
In the one direction
That’d take me to my old
Base I called home to initiate
My amorous ambition.)

‘Jackety-jack! Jackety-jack!’ rumbled the train on the rail.
I looked through the window as the scenery by did sail.
The train left the tractor path and headed off
In my homeward direction – I heard the engine cough.
We went up a big hill, the trees stood dense and tall.
The birds flapped their wings and made many a call.
A squirrel streaked up and made its tail dance;
A clutch of monkeys cautiously down did glance.
There was a large open space which through up I looked:
The sky was azure and that brightened my mood.


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