Who is Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku?

This is a brief biography of this Pengician, Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku 


Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku was born in January 12, 1995 in Lagos, Ipaja,
Nigeria..She attended her primary school at Yemtol Nursery and Primary school and her secondary school at GEC comprehensive college. She is presently a student at Imo state university, at Owerri, Imo, Nigeria…
At age 16, Eugenia became mentally conscious of the thoughts that “from nothing(thoughts) comes everything”.. Her deep observation gave birth to her writing life.. Unlike most Nigeria children whose childhood is characterized by social activities.. Eugenia parents gave her real training that made her to sober.. Through that she was able to spend time alone engaged in logical thoughts that pushed her pen to express inner feelings…

She writes on the category titled

Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku Creativity


Watch out for her creativity on Africa’s largest online portal, PENGICIAN.

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