Wazobiamax Tv, STOP promoting sexual immorality!


I don’t know what Wazobiamaxph TV hope to achieve by showing this movie ‘Kokoma’ on daily basis.


1. The gateman is having an affair with the house help (Kokoma).

2. Boss is having extramarital affairs with the same house help (Kokoma).

3. Boss’ son is sleeping with the same house help (Kokoma).

4. The naive girl (Kokoma) is not even aware of the rightful owner of the baby she is carrying in her womb, because she sleeps with all the men in the house (Boss, Son & Gateman) without protection.
She sees it as an opportunity to extort the Boss with the gateman.

5. Boss’ only daughter is pregnant for the same gateman.

6. Boss’ daughter is unnecessarily angry with the elder brother for sleeping around with Kokoma. But, she sees nothing wrong in sleeping with the gateman.


The other day I overheard a little boy “Make dem bring light (power) quick make I watch Kokoma. I dey like the tin wen Oga pickin, gateman and Oga dey do with Kokoma.”

I can see little comic relief in the movie, but the legover and excessive rumpy-pumpy in the movie is not something we ought to promote.
There are children here and there watching this Tv station in PortHarcourt and its environs for goodness sake.

Is there no other movie for Wazobiamax Tv to air to PortHarcourt people?

Must this movie which is centered on sexual immorality be air daily by Wazobiamax Tv?

No hard feelings.

Criticism is not a sin.

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1 thought on “Wazobiamax Tv, STOP promoting sexual immorality!

  1. FortifiedCity >>>
    The truth is you got to expect more of these nowadays.

    The solution? Stop watching wazobia max or that particular program

    Himmler >>>
    Change station nah if you don’t like what they are showing

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