Ugo Egbujo view of the APC congresses held Nationwide


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APC congresses held yesterday. It was an explosion of thuggery and outright banditry.
But it was foreseen. The party was hurriedly cobbled. And left in the hands of a timid grandfather. It stayed stagnant, fearful of coming apart. It sat indolently pretending to be cohesive. It grew flabby. Its wounds festered.


Ugo Egbujo letter to the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)

Now it’s being exercised, tested. The joints are creaking. It’s panting. The wounds are bleeding.
It was foreseen.
The party has to forge unity by pruning itself. Slimming and sloughing. The riotous ambitions of all its members cannot be contained in one vehicle. Some must be disembarked.
The party must do a risk assessment and trim away disunity by sacrificing some members.
In Owerri, it was violent. The governor has grabbed the party. It is the nature of Nigerian politics. The other stakeholders should move elsewhere. A strong national leadership should however remind the governor of the cost selfish short sighted politics
In Enugu it was a similar tale. The minister of foreign affairs was locked by Jim Nwobodo and co. Enugu has no Iroko. A firm national leadership can find a power sharing arrangement.



It is heartwarming that APC is witnessing rancor in the southeast states. That is sign of life where it was once dead
Kaduna was foretold. The senators and their governor have been at daggers drawn. The recalcitrant senators have literally been excommunicated by their conceited governor. Shehu Sani has taken matters beyond the reach of any settlement by engaging in profound anti party activities. El Rufai has complicated everything with his tit for tat policy.
Ekiti governorship primaries was aborted by bandits. They came and destroyed a smooth balloting process. The gladiators in Ekiti are all heavy weights in Abuja. The president ought to have weighed in before now. Tinubu and the president can douse Ekiti if they put their feet together and on the ground.
Rivers has been on fire for a while. Abe has literally decamped. But he continues to run a parallel APC state machinery. His end game seems obscure. He needs to be pruned off.
Kano has been seething. Kwankwaso has been sidelined by his former deputy. Kwankwaso is bent on proving one or two points. His ultimate ambition is not compatible with Buhari’s. So he has to be assuaged quickly or pruned off even at a huge electoral cost.
Adamawa is in turmoil. Atiku has decamped to the PDP. But controls APC state machinery. His hold through the governor on the party must be sliced off, quickly. His erstwhile associates must be forced to take clear positions early.
It’s not all doom for the APC
It’s important the party goes through this turmoil now. And perhaps soothes discontent and forges some cohesion now. It has to identify and prune rascality quickly too.
Oyegun and his docility must be excised now. The party needs a new focused national leadership. Oyegun’s prevarication and ambivalence has yielded much rancor.
This renaissance shouldn’t be supervised by a lame duck chairman.
A new national leadership has to take stock and surgical debride the party before wounds go gangrenous.

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