The Rotten Carrot (part 1 & 2) by Seal Chukwuma 

The Rotten Carrot (Fiction)

(part 1)

Woodgate and I are friends. He taught me things unheard of, things unputdownable, things too good to be true. He showed me the wonders of books. He swore that I would be like him once I had bathed in the estuary of the Pierian spring. He instigated a disdain in me against the belief, tastes and wisdom of my grandfather. Through his spectacles, I saw my people as superstitious, barbaric and directionless. If I wanted to be saved- both here and the hereafter- I would have to tear down my grannie’s altar and burn up the idols. You must not blame me… for through his spectacles, I saw his skin as the color of purity, holiness and godliness. Without remorse, I tore down my ancestral “stronghold”, their voices, heritage and essence. I did not die- I was born again. To be honest, a white light illuminated my heart of darkness for the better. In all honesty, friendship with Woodgate was worth it.


UNCLE KOLA by Stephen Adinoyi

However, after poring over his writings and philosophies, I discovered that he has not been entirely ‘honest’ with me. Our friendship has been one-sided. He dominates and pilots our affairs; I am a subordinate. I felt cheated and uncomfortable. In my fatherland, friendship demanded overlooking the other’s shortcomings. A secret anger lodged in my heart, after forcefully taking my wealth, he lends me money to improve my lot. He should have pumped in a lump sum at me as compensation, having raped my resources for over two hundred years. My poor status among men was the effect of his dirty fingerprints on my soul. Yet, like a helpless ‘other’, I pretend to remember less. What are friends for- if not to tolerate the misdemeanors of the other?
Change, like the Edenic serpent is coming to our union. Thinking things through is making me become the wiser. Woodgate is going bananas with a fresh idea- same sex marriage!





The Rotten Carrot (part 2)
“Same sex marriage?” I was baffled.
“Eh eh yes…” He stammered
Over three hundred years ago, he had pointed at Genesis 19 and impressed it upon my soul that such vile must not be heard about me. I had spat in disgust. My ancestors, in their wisdom, abhorred it. He was pleased. You could then imagine my stupefied gaze at his mouth when a few days ago Woodgate brought the Gospel of same sex marriage to me.
“Another Gospel?”



“Eh eh yes… After careful thoughts and observations… I have come to the conclusion that everyone should accept it as a natural phenomenon!”
I was flabbergasted to say the least. He stood there speaking in a reassuring voice. He spoke about the benefits of my consent. I would have endless inflow of his people’s aid and support. In many areas than one, he would supply all my needs according to his riches. A cunning smile played on his lips as the Carrot was dangled at my face. It was captivating, tempting and pleasant to the naked eye. Yes it was… but to the “wisened” man with a true black soul, that was a rotten Carrot meant for the trash can!
The end.

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