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Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

Your stretch marks are rare art that is printed on your body, art that should be appreciated because of its uniqueness. No squiggly mark is the same as the next and its pattern compliments your skin. Some may be
spread sporadically throughout and some may be lying close together, but no matter the distance, they are comfortable with where they are. If your stretch marks were not meant to be on your skin, then they would not be there, but something about their place was designed specifically for them. Stretch marks are natural and
nature is precious for when it rains, it medicates what needs to grow and when it thunders, it shakes what needs to be moved. It doesn’t matter where these stretch marks are planted because your entire skin is good soil. How natural and beautiful your stretch marks are, what flowers they turn into. Don’t criticize these things in the mirror just because everyone else is trying to make these flowers wilt.

Your birthmark is not ugly, but it’s a paint splatter of identity. Possessing your own, personal mark is a signature way of defining your image and your image is not ugly. Your birthmark is beautifully specific. It is a stamp on your skin that means that you are waiting to be sent back to Heaven because God doesn’t want to lose an angel like you. It has its own enthralling shape that is a symbol of your name. You may not know what it means yet but mysteries are adventurous. Stop calling your birthmarks ugly. Uniqueness should not be treated invaluably.

Your thighs are important, so don’t you dare hate them. They get you where you need to go, love. Don’t berate them for not looking a certain way when all they are trained to do is to get you from place to place. Your
thighs are your free transportation. Don’t kill their engine just because they aren’t the size society said they
should be. Stop letting expectations define your thighs because the dictionary of all expectations only result in criticism. Your thighs don’t want to be criticized, but they want to do their job. Don’t be ashamed of its diameter just because the expectation is the radius of that, nor should you be ashamed if your thighs are the
radius of the expected diameter. Society doesn’t know what it wants, so you might as well leave your thighs
out of their confusion. Your thighs are perfectly fine, love. Thank them for getting you where you need to go.

Your stomach is not fat, but it is full. There’s a difference. Your stomach stores your consumed energy in its
pocket and just like a wallet being fat with cash, your stomach is the same way and that’s such a beautiful thing. It roars when it is hungry but do not wait for the roar. Wait for the small whimper it emits at the first hint of hunger because your stomach does not deserve to get used to feeling hungry. It is a pantry for your energy because it does not want you to feel weak. You will be way stronger for filling your stomach than you will be if you leave it empty in order to hear an applause from society. Your stomach will poke out and then it will
digest and then it’ll poke out again after a meal and it will again digest. Just like spending money, your wallet
fills and then it deflates. Your hips are divas and you know how divas are. I’m talking about the way one side is poked out for fierceness and how they sway from
side to side when you walk. You don’t need a large circumference for your hips in order to title them divas. They can be as small as they want or as round as they want because either way they let everyone know who is
really in charge. They like the way your hands are placed upon them when a pose is needed and they know when to sass when the wrong set of hands are placed upon them. They don’t need a size to be sassy. Stop demanding them to be set in society’s dictionary of perfection. Your hips know what they want and don’t want. No one can underestimate the beauty of your hips.

Your eyes are the perfect shade of rainbow, so don’t worry about meeting a certain expectation. They shine a crystal blue when your heart reveals its elation and a deep shade of purple reveals itself when you are melancholic. You don’t need to be born with a certain color in order for them to be appreciated. They have the perfect job of telling the truth when all your mouth wants to do is lie. Your eyes reveal if you are tired, if you are sad, if you are happy, if you are comfortable, if you are
uncomfortable, if you are panicked, or if you are calm. Stop letting society tell you they need to be a certain colour in order to do their job. The blend of all colors is such a beautiful thing to look into, for it is the rainbow and it reveals your mood. Silence tends to be easier when it comes to admitting your internal arduousness and your eyes are capable of doing so. Your eyes can’t help but to be the inside scoop of the stress biting inside of you. They don’t need to be a certain colour to do their job. Your acne does not mean you don’t treat your skin, nor does it mean you lack of hygiene. It means you are human and if anyone wants to tease you for being human, then the joke’s on them because they are, too. Even your physical skin has to go through tough times in order for it to be well. Whatever obstacle course you’re going through, your skin reminds you that you aren’t the only one. You’re in the rough times together as one. instead of criticizing your skin, support it because no matter the mark that appears on your skin, it supports you no matter what.

Your teeth do not have to be in a straight line to be pretty. One can be stuck in the front of your gum and two can be missing and make their disappearance palpable. One can be hiding behind one tooth and you can have a gap so wide that a thumb can stick in between them. It’s not about the order of your teeth but it’s about how bright it is when you shine them. Whether a smile is forced or if you can’t help but to smile, those teeth are exposed when the only choice life is giving you is to smile. Smiling is a beautiful thing, for it takes less muscles than it takes to frown. Don’t break a sweat and frown but show the definition of a beautiful light and smile. Some evidence of science will try and tell you that your teeth are in bad shape, but there is even more evidence that your smile is needed to light up the world. We need your smile, for the world’s light is dimming and we are all afraid to live in darkness. Do not let your braces cease you from smiling either because nothing is wrong with bedazzling what is already dazzling. Do not hide your smile because you are afraid your teeth are imperfect. It’s not about the way your teeth are planted but the flowers that you are willing to expose.

Your lips may not be the expected size but what a beautiful voice that flows out of them. What a beautiful harmony your lips allow those mellifluous tunes to seep from them. Your voice is powerful and plump lips or not, anyone would want to kiss the source where that great power is coming from. After all the criticism your body has been through, do not let your lips be the next victim. They are your power source, the feature that allows your words to be heard. Silence the voice of society that is complaining about the size of your lips and use those “oh, so imperfect” lips to amplify your voice over theirs.

Your hair decorates the top of your head no matter the length, no matter the colour, and no matter the texture. Your hair does not need to be certain to be beautiful, nor should you let anyone tell you that. Your hair’s beauty is how you define it. Maybe you’d like it to flow a river down
your back, or maybe you’d like to keep it above your shoulders. Do not wait for someone else to define the beauty of your hair. It’s not their decoration, but it is yours. You have the right to get extensions to lengthen your hair, as you have the right to cut it short. You have the right to dye it a colour that most wouldn’t dare, as you have the right to keep your natural hair colour. You have the right to expose the beauty of your hair when it is freshly washed, as you have the right to straighten it or curl it. You have the right to decorate the top of your head and you should let no one else have the privilege. Criticism is extremely high these days, but any criticism that wants to attack your creativity is invalid. Let your hair be what you want it to be. It’s perfectly fine to decorate it for yourself.

Your insecurities all have jobs to secure you, so do not try and break the system. We all have imperfections that make us who we are and no one should say that in a bad way. We are not perfect, but we were not born to be so, so please do not beat yourself up over it. Your insecurities are doing the best they can and they want nothing more than for you to make their job easier by stop criticizing them. Treat your body gently and love
it brutally because with all the strength they need to perform their jobs, the greatest of these strengths is love…

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