The Collision Of Stars

by Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

Things take time in space, eons pass in the blink of a solar eye as stars wink in and out of existence. Her gravity warped time around her, pulled things into orbit that she was scarcely aware of. She ruminated inwardly, radiated outwardly. She glowed in space, a light to the dark places, warmth to the dark bodies that surrounded her. Until one such time (for what is a day in space?) she pulled him near. He was massive, his gravity had held many before, clothed and warmed, changed trajectories of objects that had ventured near him. But this time was different.


Missing You by Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

This time he was pulled near, his own flight through space warped circular, his mass pulling her off
her axis into a great cosmic waltz around one another.

They met, photons colliding in mid air, he touched her golden skin, she warmed his core, made his glow brighter still. She opened herself up to him, unfolding like a lotus, revealing whole worlds beneath her coronet. His mother tongue rendered inert as foreign words explored these foreign lands. His native words were useless to him
now, unable to convey the naked meaning written in the tachyons that reached deep between them, inside of them. Energy transfer at extraordinary speed, with universal knowledge enfolding them both as they revolved around and round, held close by their invisible forces, parts of themselves inside of each other. And still they burned hotter, glowing fingertips exploring surfaces, heating each other’s burning cores. Her gravity pulling him closer and closer still and their spinning speeding ever faster even as their orbits eroded away to nothing. After an eternity in the blink of an eye, that final
nanometer collapsed and golden face touched golden skin and cores went supernova. Hydrogen fusion as they melted into one another, skin to skin and heart to
burning heart. The Universe stopped and waited, bated breath, as time stretched out to infinity around and between them, and they lay in space enfolded around and throughout one another, burning brighter than either knew possible.

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