I want to appeal to you, our brothers and sisters in DELSU-Abraka to open your eyes, your minds and your thoughts to the inherent working environment in DELSU-Abraka.

It has never been this bad; it has never been this worse in the sense of divisive and selective approach to the progress and development of staff of DELSU-Abraka.

What do we do when the opportunity to challenge the status quo presents itself?
Do we allow ourselves to be intimidated and cowed by oppressive tendencies, and sustain the regime of unwarranted oppressive fear and oppression that is the order of the day, or we – the men and women of DELSU-Abraka, stand firm and resolute (being resilient) to say that POSITIVE CHANGE must be reinstituted in DELSU-Abraka.

Let’s begin the process to reclaim DELSU-Abraka from the oppressive tendencies by standing with a man who DARES to differ and be different; a man who DARES to stand up for the interest of the PEOPLE, and against the OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM.

Let’s STAND WITH a man that has become the nightmare of oppressive tendencies in DELSU-Abraka – Dr. Emmanuel Akarah (aka Don Spino).

Dr. Emmanuel Akarah has just two point agenda to resuscitate and rejuvenate a process that would lead to “DELSU-Abraka for ALL, ALL for DELSU-Abraka”.

– Improved Staff Welfare and,
– An Enhanced Work Environment.

I implore you to do a deep reflection and tell yourself that you will refuse to be intimidated; you will refuse to be threatened by the system; you will refuse to join in encouraging a system of exclusion (selectivity).

Vote Dr AKARAH, Emmanuel (Don Spino),
As your Congregation Representative (Academic) to Council.

Its in our hands to get what we want our way.

Vote Wisely!


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