Synopsis Of The FCT Youth Leader Conference

The FCT youth leader conference of 10th May, 2019, in Apo Town hall was a huge success.

The conference themed, “Engaging the Youth Today for a Better Tomorrow” was well-articulated and executed.
Speaking on ‘the role of the youth on nation building,’ the National Youth Leader, Rt. Hon. SKE Udeh-Okoye, who spoke passionately and on impulse – without a written text – used the occasion to debunk the false narrative, as propagated by APC, that PDP is a house of corruption.
Rt. Hon. SKE Udeh-Okoye used the opportunity to reiterate the achievements of PDP as a ruling party, while asking the coven of liars, APC, to mention one developmental project they had conceived and completed since the inception of their retrogressive government.
One of the highlights of the occasion was the lifting up of the National Youth Leader, shoulder high, by a large group of singing youths, who heralded Rt. Hon. SKE Udeh-Okoye as a soldier cum hero of youth advocacy and participatory democracy.
The National Youth Leader also inaugurated three different committees, set-up by the FCT youth leader, Comrade Sunday Zakka, to implement the visions of the National Youth Leader, contained in the communiqué at the PDP Zonal and States youth leaders meeting convened by the National Youth Leader in March, which held at NEC hall, Wadata Plaza.

Okah Ewah Edede
SA Media to National Youth Leader
First Published : Trending Gist.

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