SONNET by Jodekss Gloatkenf


Some nights become glib with shine-shine fanfare
some night’d seem drab without stars at galaxies
Moon at times come out shut against herself to glare
At times the moon’s eye’s fully blown for where earthly office’s

When the stars start to star the highs n’ sigh(s) from horizon
Even some still till to get gore gowns as if silhouette to
Fantasy and tell-tales clone each eye fate for star’s own
Some stars be dregs whilst others be the liquor sipped unto Pluto

Even the moon’s own mismatched glory goes inconsistent
No glee is worth with her crescent, half n’ fully self
Hence’s why the fears be as to not to pitch with her the tent
to promise calling the moon to third-party as she might hollow herself

Everybody be necessary to the course that cause universe to be
Nobody’s tomfool’s Creator created tomfools for wise men to ri*.


© Jodekss

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