Self love is real

Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

I want to have a hunch of love.
I want to have a hunch of love
that doesn’t drive me to drinking
taking shots of anything
to feel like I’m floating
while I’m sinking…
I want to have a hunch of love
that rejects abhorrence and jealousy
to achieve security in life
seeking the convenience of safety
through all the turmoil and strife…
I want to have a hunch of love
that doesn’t leave timidity buried
underneath decades of evasion
projecting problems onto lovers
ignoring my own emotional confinement..
I want to have a hunch of love.
If only I could stitch myself back together
ameliorating the wounds of eternity
as if poets earn medical degrees
diagnosing heartbreak
in each rhyme..
So doctor, doctor
can’t you tell me
what’s the solution
to my situation
because some mornings
when sunshine peaks over
my windowsill
this life don’t seem worth living
I just don’t know
where to go from here
how to grow from here
or do anything more from here
except dry tears
from my eyes
And I’m immune
to bullshit prescriptions
claiming time heals all
because there’s far too many
broken lovers out there
who never recovered
from the fall..
Perhaps doctor, doctor
there’s only one real cure
to ensure I don’t feel this pain no more..
Each morning
when I stare in the mirror
wiping sleep from dreary eyes
the fact becomes lucid
seeing my reflection
tears down the portico
greediness, power, wealth..
So regardless of my best efforts
I just can’t waffle myself
Until seclusion ceases
to taste like detachment
love remains ensnared
inside that pane of glass
taking the second stringer
to your own life
through the lens of remorse
you’ll see what’s passed…
Love yourself
and every nature of your being
spirit, mind, and body
whether your lover
is near or far
Love yourself
without restrictions or hesitations
no one else can save you
so be your own inspiration
and love yourself…
Love yourself.


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