Perhaps by Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku


Perhaps, just perhaps, my muse is real. I mean, I know my muse is real. But I’m saying real to the outside world, as my muse–not just as a person. And perhaps, through no intentional action of my own, my muse will be revealed to the world, and the person everyone sees and the person I know and understand will meld into one awe-inspiring character in the minds of an interested few and the realization of such a revelation will send them reeling.
Perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll be revealed too. Perhaps the hard-shelled exterior will melt away in the eyes of the quick-to-judge many that exist in my universe, and the malleable but consistent me will be exposed–just as this side of me was exposed to my muse, by my muse, and through this process to my closest friends.


On Unuttered good bye by Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

Perhaps, just perhaps, we can change the world. We’ve already thrown open every door of opportunity in each other’s–why stop there? Through self-motivation and ability, but also through the continual bolstering and support and teamwork (go team), we are succeeding at our respective, our mutual, and our collective endeavours. I’ve never felt more alive, more complete, more confident and self-aware than I do now.
Perhaps, just perhaps, the world will see that I love you, and maybe, just maybe, they won’t just see it–they’ll understand it. Perhaps our loving connection can be a rallying point for an emotional renaissance. Perhaps we can be the inspiration for a new sort of love and human contact, one that inspires self-assurance, genuine expression, and absolute closeness.
Perhaps, just perhaps, we’re more than just perfect together, or meant to be, or even incredibly lucky–maybe our love exists on such a fundamentally progressive and unique level that we can be trailblazers to a new height and depth of what the dictionary ascribes to “love.” I probably won’t ever find the right words to describe this condition. No single word to define it, no sentence to provide context, no paragraph to fill in details, no written or spoken works to tell the story. But I’ll continue to try, because if I can ever even approach the asymptotal level of what I feel and think and know, then something profound is going to happen to the world..

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