ONLY YOU by Yusuf BM


I thought
I would hold your hands
Tight till the earth breaths no more.

I thought
Together we will
Water this growing plant
Of my ancestors.

I thought
Together we will
Nuture this bouncing baby love.

I thought
I would look around
Forever and a day
And find you spraying
Smiles on my face.

I thought
For our love
We shall call this world
Our kingdom
Where nothing rule
But, that that binds us.

I thought
I will be the night
And forever you will
Be the beauties – Stars and moon.

I thought
I shall one day
Wake up next close
To who discovered
The network in me.

I miss
Every Alphabet
In your romantic words.

I pray
May our soul
Never forget
The songs we both sang
For only you
I want to be with
Right there in the first home
Of Adam and Eve.

© Yusuf BM

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