On Unuttered good bye by Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku


Goodbye is a word made to bid farewell to someone. It should be said before two people part ways for it marks the end of the journey paved by their foot prints. It is the sound of the door closing between the two of them and once it is said, they should start going on with their own lives without living within the shadows of their past. People should say goodbye to each other to set them free from whatever they had but then there are times when the sound of the foot steps running away from what the both of them had could be heard without their
voice saying goodbye.


Missing You by Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

What if someone left you without saying that word? What if they chose to settle with silence and to walk away in the dark just so you won’t notice that they will leave in the morning? Of course you will be left shaking because of anger and grief and devastation for you were left with unsaid reasons and unanswered questions. You will replay all the past memories you had with that person and you will wonder where the hell did it all go wrong. You will keep on trying to find them. You will keep on asking them to come back just so they could explain, just so you won’t spend forever wondering what could have been, just so you could set yourself free from the misery of not knowing the truth and that person for
not voicing it out. But then they didn’t leave properly because they can’t find the strength to voice out the truth on why they chose to end everything so suddenly. Sometimes, they don’t even know the reasons themselves; they just knew they have to walk away. They just knew they have to do it before causing more pain to you. They know the way they disappeared without a warning will hurt you entirely. They know that what they did will scar you for life. But then knowing is not enough for them to leave properly because for them, it is the best way for the both of you to prevent things from getting worse.
Being the one who gets left behind without a warning hurts like hell but then leaving quietly while bearing all
the unsaid words and hidden regrets is painful too. Some goodbyes are not voiced out because of varied reasons
and maybe in time, they will reveal themselves to provide closure that you needed to have when that person
walked away. But in the meantime, you just have to leave everything to fate and instead of dooming that person for life, cherish all the memories you had and be thankful
that once in your life, you were able to meet someone you fell deeply for. Everyone will leave anyway, with goodbye being said or not.

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