ON GRACE VOYAGE [Part 1] by Richy Alzy


“Hello, where are you headed?”
A rather hoarse unfriendly voice I heard,
His masked face only revealed an ancient beard.
In feigned ignorance I walked pass the lobby;
Adventure always has been my passionate hobby,
So brisk my legs made to the terminal
With the conspicous inscription ‘Underworld Eternal.’
I bought the flight ticket and was ushered to the departure entrance.
Some heavy footsteps I heard from a distance.
“Gentleman, I said where are you headed?”
Again the tone of his voice frightening from behind.
“To the Underworld” I shrugged.
“The abode of eternal damnation you mean?” He queried.
“Just an expedition to unravel life mysteries” I retorted.
“Return that ticket!” He ordered as though he owned my life.
He continued “Else you would not return alive!
There you don’t belong, this time you won’t survive.”
“You don’t even know me, a place I’ve been going and coming like an abiku.”
He starred into my eyes “I know every bit of thing about you,
From when HE through them brought you me anew,
I am this life and everything here isn’t true.”
“If so be then no truth also in your words
I will take no heed, your council is of no use.”
To the Underworld did I pay my dues?
(Let’s see)

© Richy Alzy

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