Life | Poem | oddFelix Ayuk

Maybe the call to living is not a rosy one
Maybe we were meant to walk under the rain and sun
To be cold and to burn
Not to be comfortable, but to run
Up and down looking for comfort that will never be found

It seems like life becomes useless
when you achieve all that you dream of
It seems we always have to look up
to aspire to something bigger
and greater than us, and what we have

The shame and pains are necessary evils
we have to run from as many as we can
And when it comes, we accept it and hope
for better season and times

Ever considered that the fun we seek
may not be in abundance and exuberance
But in the fun of devotion and process
in the will to fight and be injured
and in limping to seek for treatment
in the organization or religion and tradition
political views and sexism

Life is no thing you understand in a day
but that which you may never know
what it is like
until we die and it is all over.

– oddFelix Ayuk, 3018.

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