The issue was not brought forth for the purpose of commiseration, Dear Heaters! So stop talking trash by proving that a lady cannot sexually assault a male. By implication, you call me a LIAR!

Sympathy doesn’t bring Food on the table!

Here’s a little digression.

Warri breed like Me are sometimes called ‘Children of Anger’ (COA). If you know Ekpan in Warri and Ekrodogun in Ogbe-Udu, you will know that my simplicity at times is just like an irony because the above places will teach you to be rough and tough throughout your lifetime. I don’t smoke, drink, play bet, watch football matches or even read football news.

I have my reasons. As an undergraduate, back then, I was called a chicken-hearted fellow because I don’t do things many self-acclaimed ‘hard men’ tend to do.
It’s not that I don’t get angry. I do! But when the real anger comes, it is better you run for your dear life. I might not be strong, but we can fight for days anywhere we meet. That was what St. Vincent College, Okwagbe taught me back then. But not anymore. I can get angry and within seconds, I forget about it for life.

His grace overshadowed my anger in the recent past beyond my imagination. The matter was not taken to the Police. The Court as well will not have a reason to adjourn the matter here and there by delaying justice and making one forget about his priorities and stick to court case(s).

A second degree is just around the corner. Priorities should be set aright.



Those who came to my inbox for advice, you’re more than precious to me.

The constructive comments from friends were superb.

How about the destructive comments from doubting Thomas? I was not begging anyone to believe. Let your conscience judge you, if you have one. Pray that such ferocious sexual assault don’t befall you, your wife, children and family members.

You might not have an idea of what sexual assault trauma is, until you have your child or you find yourself in it. Like I said, the recent past has been the third time I have been getting sexual assault from females.
Enough of such evil attempts! I vowed not to injure or lay hands on any female for any reason, but I might be tempted to send someone to the Hospital for months if anyone wants to eat what belongs to my future wife by force. If you must do it with me, it must be on a mutual agreement, else, the child of anger will deal with you like a wounded Lion.
No pompousity intended. And no one is claiming to be extra-special here!

My longtime mutual dealings with the boyfriend, and advice from good people will not push me to do otherwise.
I have people ahead of me that I listen to. I don’t want to have a stone heart. Your ability to control your anger makes you different from an animal.

Seeking for justice on this one was a priority to me till I was made to think otherwise.

The audios and photographs are all intact. Those doubting Thomas’s can really get on someone’s nerve.

What will you gain when you pay deaf ears to people who say to you ‘Forgive And Forget’?

I was not brought up to always dance to the rhythm of any drum.

A word is enough for the wise.

Doing everything people prompt you to do will not always bring good result(s).

Case closed.


I really detest sympathy. I hate to hear the words ‘sorry, kpele, no vex, my condolence’ etc. No wonder I didn’t bring up the death of my father on social media. Even when I lost my Head Christian who taught me many things in life, I didn’t bring it on social media. My grandmother who adores me like a next of kin passed on and I didn’t bring it on social media. After their deaths and funerals, I didn’t even bother to bring it to social media. I hate it when some halfwit will grin on you as if you stole from them. || Who sympathy don put money for him bank account? ||
This fran fruited of a nincompoop (ogwogwoekpa-ojevwaro) who jumped on the comment box to say no woman can sexually assault a man. And that I was framing up a story. I decree to you, your first daughter and wife shall be raped in your presence! Sir, you know yourself. I will not mention your name.
@ALL, have a fruitful day ahead.
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