It will be fine


By Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

Hush now, sweetie, it will be fine. Even the clouds fall down into a storm whenever it gets too heavy to hang on the sky. Even the ground shakes whenever it gets too terrified that it rips itself open just to swallow everything that is burdening it. Even the waves climb up to the shore and devour islands when the pressure at the heart of the ocean is too much to bear.


On Self Crush

Right now, I know you feel like a hurricane trapped inside your petite body. I know you feel like a walking catastrophe leaving its path in ruins. I know you feel like a wild fire turning your efforts into ashes. But darling, don’t you apologize for taking space.
Don’t you feel sorry for unleashing those overflowing emotions inside you. Don’t be ashamed for feeling too much. And so what if the woods can not understand your howls? They are just envious that your voice resonates to
the moon, you can confess your undying love while there they are, stranded on their roots. So what if the stars refuse to fall on your uttered wishes? They are just too stunned upon seeing your glow, they are too afraid to burn the earth. So what if you are spending the midnight alone?
Don’t you know that solitude is better than presences that are nothing but poison to your soul? So maybe right now you feel like the world is dragging you back to the past. You can see the memories so vividly. You can feel every kiss, every touch, every slip of the hand. You can hear every word, every cry, every laughter that didn’t last long. You are taking yourself one cherished memory at a time, like a torture of hallucination that can never be real.


I would not do that by Chukwukwe Eugenia Adaku

I know, I know that it seems like the world is too heavy. You can lay it down. You can wait for your wounded hands to heal. You can wait for the scarlet scars to fade. You can wait for everything to turn quiet or you can shut it down.
Tomorrow, you will dance along with the sunlight. You will blossom more gracefully than the flowers in the meadow. You will sway in tune with the melody that the wind hums. You will soothe the ocean and you will slide
through the rainbow. You will be the rain that brings color back to the city.
You will be light, soft and tender. Tomorrow, you will not be a tragedy that you think you are. But tonight, let the city lights tuck you in your blanket since the stars will be
busy chasing each other. Don’t you worry, love the darkness will go gentle on you. Even the ghosts that are hiding at the back of your door and the monsters beneath your bed will not bother you. Your nightmares will take its flight from your eyes. Your unwanted memories will not penetrate your walls.
Tonight, it will be peaceful and calm. Tomorrow, you will rise again. But tonight, you need to sleep.

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