You read that correctly. I was nearly raped, and this was not the first or second time. It was the third attempt! This is why my heart always bleed when I hear of rape attempts.

The latest incident happened at about 11:05pm on Friday, 4th May, 2018. I decided to live in Port-Harcourt for a while at the end of my NYSC. A friend of mine came to live with me. Although I prefer living alone, it was OK by me, due to the temporary nature of my stay in Port Harcourt.

My friend told me days earlier that his one time girlfriend will be coming from Abuja to stay with us briefly, while arranging an apartment for herself. I never knew that a sex addict had come to live with us.

First, out of nothing, she playfully held my penis one day. I sternly warned her never to try that again. She mocked me, saying bitterly:
“You go die of spiritual congeal, as you no wan chop me.” I told my friend when we were alone. I don’t know if he confronted her or not.

This girl kept making attempts, which I repeatedly rebuffed. Each time I told my friend, he will say:
“This babe like you pass me. Fuck this girl, my guy, no dey dull yourself; I no wan marry her. She too like fuck.”

On Friday, May 4th, 2018, she started a sexual conversation with me. I got infuriated and left for the spacious parlour to continue my blogging activities. I never knew that she had locked the gate and kept the key where I could not locate it.


She bashed into the parlour and continued her erotic talk. I left her to dress up and go out until my friend returns. That was when I noticed the locked gate.

I called my friend and narrated everything to him, but he just encouraged me to give her what she wants. I was shocked. Meanwhile, she had removed all her clothes, with the exception of her panties. I was not moved by her shape and size. I called my friend again, and asked him to tell his girl to get away from me. His response was even worse than the first. After I dropped the call, she smiled triumphantly and taunted me.

Then, she attacked me in an effort to force issues. She left me with a deep injury on my right thumb. Blood started gushing out from the injury caused by her bite. I refused to give in. My friend returned home at that point. He started beating her and screaming at her.

Eventually, I got my injury treated. I gave the she-devil quit notice. She moved out of my house on Sunday, 6th May, 2018.

I’m still dazed. How do people even enjoy intercourse without mutual consent? Every rapist is a coward! Leave people alone if they don’t want you.

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Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare also known as SIR A-ONE is a full-time blogger and literatus.

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