Dis on unprofound icons [Part 1] – SIR A-ONE


Why accept discouragements from People who couldn’t manage their marriages?

Tell me why you should listen to a school dropout who continually blast students, teachers, lecturers? Did you ask him/her to face rustication from that institution? Why vent your anger on us daily on social media?


Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare (SIR A-ONE) Random words on Social Media

You failed woefully in music, it’s now your occupation to dis and abuse our up and coming artistes daily on social networks. Continue. Is either I will arrange a fried thunder for you to eat or_

You were warned on the excessive uploads of her pictures on your timeline. You were like a deaf and dumb icon back then. She has left you for another guy, and all you do every now and then is to brickbat lovers, my dear you need deliverance from white garment church members with koboko.

‘Facebook is a leveller’ with this phrase from the pit of hell, you cast aspersions on your elders on Facebook and other social networks; no qualms at all… Continue to eat from the pot of your stupidity. Dare not call me to join you in this meal.

You’re an atheist who cannot write on any other topic, you just derive joy to slight Christians… Don’t feel you’re the boss. If we end some of the abuses online and focus our energies on better things, we might make the world a better place.

You’re married, you keep threatening bachelors and spinsters that marriage is hard… || You feel say Na me you dey deceive? *Eranvwe Agwa. ||
Did you see that marriage appeared twice on this dis?
The list is too long for me to handle in one day.
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