Now that the time for the election has finally come, Cooperators are left with three options for DELSU WORKERS MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD:
(1) To move it forward
(2) To let it remain where we are and
(3) To move it backwards (God forbid).

Your CHOICE for the position of SECRETARY on 30th May, 2018, will indicate which of the options you have chosen as it will determine the STATE and FATE of the Society for the next four years. A “right Choice” will bring about rejoicing whereas a “wrong Choice” will bring about murmuring and Complaints. Please before you decide on whom to cast your vote for on that day, endeavour to carry out a critical analysis of the programs which the Candidates have set before you that they want to achieve for our highly cherished DWMPCS LTD.

Note the candidate with the programs that will take our COOPERATIVE to the next level and make him your CHOICE.

As for AKUAGHARE, A. JONATHAN, he has promised the following:

*Network computerization/Digitalization,

*Creation of a Central Database,

*Quick response to members’ needs/applications,

*Availability of goods at reduced reduced prices,

*Keeping a correct and an up-to-date register of members and

* Wealth creation for increased dividends.

These ideas will certainly bring about the required transformation that we all have been yearning for.

“Ideas rule rule the world”.

According to Victor Hugo, ” You can resist an invading army but you cannot resist an idea whose time has come”. The time to Digitalize our Cooperative has come and it is highly irresistible. Let us say NO to further use of ANALOG mode of operations in our Cooperative but say YES to DIGITALIZATION.

A vote for AKUAGHARE, A. JONATHAN for SECRETARY, DWMPCS LTD, on 30th May, 2018 will surely take our Cooperative to a greater height. Let the Development of our Cooperative be above every other consideration.


Vote for PROGRESS !!
God bless you.

8am – 12noon.
REQUIREMENT: Staff ID Card or Last Payslip.


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