Interview | Nupe Language shall get to commence at University level next year _ Manarakis

Adamu Idris Manarakis is a Nupe writer and Nupe language promoter from Minna Niger state. Let’s see what he has for Nupe language.


Can you please introduce yourself sir?

I am Adamu Idris by name but, I later adopted Manarakis. Which makes it in full Adamu Idris Manarakis. This name came at the time the growth of my journey began. I always feel joyous anytime my friends, relatives, co-workers and others calls me that. The cute in my general nickname brought greatness to the limelight of my life as an afternoon writer and honey home that draws people around me and across the world, to see the sweetness and power in pen.

What is the meaning of MANARAKIS and why using the name?

The name is an acronym of my family member’s first letter that begins each name, it’s a combination of first Alphabet of each name, more of abbreviation. M means MUSA, A means ASABE, N means NANA, A means ADAMU, R means RAMATU, A mean AISHA and the remaining K, I and S means KHADIJAT, IDRIS(my father) and SA’ADATU(my mother). And the main reason of using Manarakis is to make myself unique and represent my family everywhere circumstance will take me to.

Wow so why did you chose to mentor people on Nupe?

Thank God, Nupe Language was not mentioned among the Languages scholars prophesied it death.

I choose to mentor people to learn Nupe Language not because I have nothing doing but because of the interest, love, passion and the pain of it neglect. I considered Nupe Language to be one of the world class languages, the fourth after Nigeria was amalgamated, the earliest group with their unique culture, norms and values. It baffles me as the language is not taught even at an elementary level let alone, primary, post primary and Secondary level.

To what extent will you wish to extend Nupe language if you are opportune?

Hmmm…. This question got me. My dream is to start teaching or lecturing Nupe Language at Ordinary Diploma level or at NCE level. We are pushing to get accommodated at any of these Tertiary institutions: COE Minna, Jafla-Cais and Polytechnic Bida. Any of the listed institutions, we would be courageous in an acceptable potential to graduate first set of Nupe language Students. Afterwards, we would step up to Niger state owned University; IBBU Lapai for the inclusion of Nupe Language syllabus.
In short, my prayers is to have Professional Nupe Ph’D holders and Professors.

When you started this, did you got any support or sponsorship?

Almost everyone that interview me on oral and paper would asked this question.

Before embarking on the journey, I took my time to study my environment and Nupencizhi. The result came out in a pathetic path but I told myself that, if our late fathers had done this crusade, I will not be thinking of having Nupe Language centre in 21 Century, rather to be a student studying my native language.

See, I am not used to yes or no. I am only familiar with straight forward. I actually earned a lot of labour supports; praises, kudos, likes & comments on Facebook and WhatApp. Aside these, talking about financial support from Nupencizhi is a field of war. A lot of people believe in us and what we are doing, but to encourage us with facilities and materials to improve the two Centres of Minna and Bida, only few individuals have been contributing to the development of Nupe language. Others, especially politicians are not showing concern but, may God change their minds to positive.
Secondly, a woman who doesn’t cherish her name to be mentioned in public domain, is sponsoring my transport fare from Minna to Bida weekly to grow Nupe language in KinNupe. I also received supports from Etsu Nupe Alhaji Dr. Yahaya Abubakar in different occasions. Mallam Usman Chiji was the first person to introduce me and my activities to Radio Niger Minna. Then, Mallam Isyaku Danlami from Radio Niger Bida. And now Mallam Mahmud Abdullahi the former CPS of late Engineer AA Kure and Executive Director of Prestige Radio. Also, Alhaji Ibrahim Musa (The Mukaddami Samarin Nupe) published my recent Nupe Grammar book. A book that will teach you how to read and write in Nupe. The late Professor Samuel Tswanya was the first person to support us with cash to buy materials for Teaching Nupe Language. And many others whose names are not mentioned.

Wow that’s great
How did you see this your mission in two years time?

In two years time, by God’s grace Nupe Language would be preparing to kick-start in University.

Finally what do you have to tell people like you promoting other languages?

One of the reasons that is delaying Nupe Language from reaching its final destination is sentiment. Nupe Language is in green light to bloom.

I encourage Gbagyi and Kambari to join Nupe Language train so that our state will get out of this embarrassing situation. We need to act now such to rub shoulder with the already well established Languages like Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo.

Look, Let us feel this pain together and we shall get out of the wood soon. Enough to embracing other’s tribe to be ours. No Language is superior over one another unless you mismanage yours.

Thank you so much.

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