Uvwie Constituency, BARR. AMOS DICKSON E. KUKURU is the Man for the DTHA 2019


A Politician is a person actively involved in party politics, or a person directly or indirectly involved in the act of politicking with the sole aim of acquiring or determining who wields power. In democratic nations, politicians seek elective position in government through elections by the electorates because sovereignty resides with the people.

They are individuals who are involved in influencing public policy and decision making in government as well as private individual. Politician plays a central role in our lives. They are the vocal mouth piece of the masses that make all efforts to improve their constituencies and the masses welfare.

A determined and service oriented politician Is always delighted to serve the people of his constituencies or districts and considers himself as a servant. He represents the hopes, desires and general interest of every citizen In a given nation.
First and foremost the best quality of a politician is HONESTY, GOD FEARING and LOVING.


That’s why we have looked around our party All Progressives Congress (APC) and are glad to present you, BARR.AMOS DICKSON E. KUKURU because he has the above quality of a good politician to represent us in DTHA UVWIE CONSTITUTENCY 2019 by the special grace of Almighty God. Be wise in making the right choice for KUKURU is the man who possess the necessary qualities that distinguishes a good politician.



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