USA to honour Prof. G.G Darah and Chief A.O Ukere


USA to honour Prof. G.G Darah and Chief A.O Ukere

A day is pregnant!
Can you guess the Day?

The Urhobo Studies Association (USA) based at the Delta State University Abraka, USA has finalized arrangements to honour two illustrious sons of Urhobo, Prof. Godini Gabriel Darah and Chief Anthony Obakponovwe Ukere on their meritorious retirements from the prestigious Delta State University, Abraka.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me as a member of the USA and an alumnus of Delta State University, Abraka.

Prof. G.G. Darah taught me the course, Application of Urhobo to Modern Science and Technology some years ago.

Chief A.O Ukere’s dictionary of Urhobo pave the way for 83 (A) in my project some years ago at Delsu. I took time to study the dictionary like a textbook and did my translation perfectly in Udu Udje Dance Songs critical analysis as an Undergraduate back then.

At exactly 12.00 noon on Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018; the Faculty of Arts Quadrangle, Campus 3, Delsu, Abraka will come alive with celebration as Prof. G.G Darah and Chief A.O Ukere will be honoured for their meritorious services for the past decades to the Delta State University (Delsu), Abraka.

A little glimpse at their profiles separately as illustrious sons of Urhobo.

Prof. G.G Darah

Prof. G.G Darah is an erudite professor of Oral Literature. He has been the president of the Nigerian Oral Literature Association (NOLA) in Nigeria since 2009.

He was the delegate that represented the Urhobo nation at the 2014 National Conference in Abuja, and his immense contributions were superb.

The erudite professor has over 79 publications in national and international journals.
He has been the very best brain that has contributed to the growth of the ‘Udje Dance’ in his Ph.D Thesis at the University of Ibadan in 1982.

Prof G.G Darah has taught a lot of students and has supervised over 4,000 students in their Projects, Dissertations and Thesis (Theses).
He taught at Obafemi Awolowo University, had brilliant performances as an Editor at the Nigerian Daily Times and Guardian before returning to academic intercourse as a professor in DELSU in 2000.

Prof. G.G Darah made an iconic name for himself when he graduated with a first class degree and proceeded for his Ph.D as it was in vogue in those days.

Chief A.O Ukere

Chief A.O Ukere is a linguist of high repute.
After his retirement, he established a well functional ‘Urhobo Language Centre’ at Abraka, Ethiope East Local Government Area, Delta State as resource centre for Urhobo projects, dissertations and thesis (theses). People usually flock the centre for works relating to Urhobo folktales, essays, researches, etc.

He has a well edited Urhobo dictionary, Idikshonaire Re Urhobo. A bilingual Dictionary (Urhobo and English).

A man who made a name for himself as an Admission Officer at Delsu.

Chief A.O Ukere is one of the pioneering lecturers at the Department of Languages and Linguistics where he has helped to make the Urhobo language what it is today.

A proud member of Urhobo Studies Association (USA), Delsu, Abraka.

A man who has great value and cherish the Urhobo language and culture like no other.

The duo have served the Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria and Africa at large.

Dr (Mrs) E.E Ogini, the Chairman, Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and E.M Darah the Secretary, LOC were just short of words when PENGICIAN put a call through. They assured PENGICIAN that everything are in place, and they are just waiting for the day to come for the celebration to commence.

The clock is ticking!
Prof G.G Darah and Chief A.O Ukere will be honoured on May 2, 2018‘ seem to be the song in everyone’s mouth.

Things will take a new turn. Specialists in Urhobo Udje Song Performers will combine with students of the Departments of Languages and Linguistics (Linguistics/Unit), Theatre Arts and Music to display their talents. Already renowned Orators, Dancers, DJs etc. are currently having series of rehearsals as the days draw closer for the superb celebration on Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018.

His Royal Majesty, Matthew Edirin Egbi JP the Okobaro of Ughievwen kingdom will serve as the royal father of the day while another curriculum guru from Ughievwen kingdom, Prof Emperor Kpangban will chair the event.

Erudite professors, academic doctors and iconic figures will be coming to Abraka to dance, wine and dine with Prof G.G Darah and Chief A.O Ukere on their meritorious services to DELSU and Urhobo as a whole.

Why don’t you come and witness what is more than the installation of a King in Africa, and the Inauguration of a President at the most protected building on Earth, WhiteHouse at the United States of America (USA)?

Come and witness it.
Don’t be told!

Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare is a full-time blogger & literatus.

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