Ugo Egbujo letter to the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)

This is like a letter to the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)

Ugo Egbujo the fearless Doctor posted below on his Facebook moments ago


#OurBishops #OurBigBigBishops
The Bishops want Buhari to resign. They have their reason. A president that cant secure lives and properties must look for another job.

The bishops are speaking out.
I wish the Bishops were truly what Christ wanted them to be. Then they would command Buhari and he would obey. They would ask mountains to move and they will move. They would ask enemies of God to go blind and their eyes will be shut.


Venerable Benjamin Ibeh Ochiegbu John: The road to the consecration of a Bishop on 8th April, 2017

I wish the weapons of warfare of these bishops were not mere mouths and sticks and guns.
I wish a group of Bishops could declare a thing and it would come to pass. I wish they had not given themselves to flesh and mammon.

If the Bishops were what they should be, they would be more than enough to secure Benue.
I am not asking the Bishops to resign. We are all wishy washy powerless christians. So the weapons of our warfare is necessarily carnal.


Bishop Kukah warns Buhari

We will defend ourselves against harm. But our prayers are now almost ineffectual. So we will do it the way unbelievers do it. We will fight if attacked with knives and sticks and guns.
Peter used his knife. Christ stopped him and condemned him. But we have no Christ here now. Oh we have Him but we don’t have Him. So we will use whatever we have.
If only we had even one Elijah. But it’s okay. We have big cathedrals and huge Bishops. They are spirit filled . But they emit no fire.
I wish our bishops could see tomorrow. Or at least think about it.
Because I don’t want to see the day all muslim clerics will ask a christian president to resign. And ask their faithfuls to demonstrate against the sloppiness of a christian president.
I wish our Bishops could even do a few of what Pharaoh’s magicians could do. We could have scared the Violent herdsmen away turning their rods and guns to vipers and cobras.
I wish our bishops had spiritual bows and arrows!
I wish our Bishops were …….Bishops.

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3 thoughts on “Ugo Egbujo letter to the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN)

  1. Some reactions!

    David Nwachukwu Has This To Say:
    Bishops are Nigerians they have the right to add to the debate especially with their constituency being slaughtered.
    But, I wish we could depersonalize these issues. I find it difficult to understand that no one can criticise Buhari without sentiment. I find it difficult to understand the whenever Buhari is discussed stones are thrown across the divide!
    These thing constitute acts of blackmail. We blackmail ourselves without knowing it. Will politicians continue to ruin the country. On account of the divisiveness Buhari has created & for not doing anything about it: the man is not only a suspect but a fraud. Nonetheless, as I say this Donald Trump came to my mind! But, America is an enlightened society its not seating on a tribal keg of gunpowder like Nigeria.
    With the divisiveness Buhari govt has created I have realized that Nigerians neither know the leader they want or the leadership the country deserves.

    David Chigoziri Amakor replied:
    “I am not asking the Bishops to resign. We are all wishy washy powerless Christians. So the weapons of our warfare is necessarily carnal” This is exactly what our love for money has turned us into. We can’t effect faith any more. You really see beyond what the Bishops can see Doc.

    Okechukwu Okonkwo responded:
    Dr sir, pls when u write respect the Catholic faith

    Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare wrote:

    I’m almost Speechless here cos the Holy sanctuary has been called to order. My pain is we (Bishops/Members) always want us pushed to the wall before we act. If two (2) priests were not killed by these extremists (Herdsmen) would our honourable Bishops have voiced out?
    I’m a Catholic and a Communicant. Before you think I am talking against the Faith.
    Christians are becoming too lazy and silly in their so-called ‘holy holy’ mantra. Is it not same Bible that said “Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1”
    If Christians will reason like late Bishop Benson Idahosa, Apostle Suleiman and others some of these Boko, Herdsmen etc would be reduced.

  2. Idongesit Essien >>>
    Let me ask, Dr Ugo Egbujo, what do you think would have been the reaction of Muslims if their clerics or imams were killed by Christians? I can tell you it would have been worse.

    Ibeke Okey >>>
    Doc! Doc!! Doc!!! How many times did I call you? Don’t you know that it’s not everything palm wine tapper sees from top of palm tree that he reveals.

    Abiodun Ijawoye >>>
    How sincere is their call?, how come they are silent when other people are being slaughtered?, why must they waited for one of their own killed before they speak out?, insincerity d bane of our people?

    Malachy-aka Orjiebele >>>
    Our bishops are indeed bishops. Our bishops are indeed what Christ wanted them to be. Like Christ himself and the apostles after him, the bishops are to speak truth to power. They are to demand responsibility from those whose responsibility it is to secure lives and property. Even amidst persecution, and more so in persecution, they have to remain steadfast to the truth.
    And it will be a contradiction in terms to hold responsibility and not man up to it. That is the statement of the bishops. No twistings doc, read the document again. And the other clause was to obey the laws of nature grafted into every being, namely to protect, preserve and promote their very existence, which is couched in self-preservation, since the Law we submitted our common wealth to has failed. Again Doc, no twisting of what the bishops said, no maligning please.

  3. Olagbemiro Olayinka >>>
    Great post my super Doc. Keep on saying the truth in a world full of blind critics.

    Henry Onyekuru >>>
    This weekend was a weekend of throwing the kitchen sink…obasanjo, now the Bishops…I sense desperation …Why are u taking everyone opposed to this government and their Mephistophelian clique to the cleaners? The Catholics lost two members of their clergy, murdered in cold blood and yet you mock their protests…..I find it absurd and ridiculous… Soyinka just criticised too, with his may day speech… I hope you do the needful…Your buharinism is becoming an obsession… Nakwa echeki ooo.. Ugochukuwu Egbujo

    Udochukwu Francis Onwuachumba >>>
    Doc, are you saying that the priests and bishops should not protest when their own is being butchered here and there?
    And are you invariably mocking them with your “miracle” statements?
    That is kind of going to far in your bid to criticize for criticisms sake.

    Stephen Onyekachi Okenwa >>>
    I only wished they had spoken out when it happened in Ozubulu or Oritsejafos plane was caught wt arms

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