Top 10 bloggers on Facebook I can call Super Bloggers, in no order


Talk down on me,
•Look down on me,
•Look up to me etc
I will not stop doing what I know is GOOD!
Do your thing while I do mine. We are not in a competition.
N.B: Don’t let anyone intimidate you on earth, no LIST is comprehensive.
•One day, I will produce a LIST that will make my worst enemy come begging for a one-night stand. Laugh out my lungs.



Top Eleven (11) Bloggers in Nigeria and their blogs

Below are 10 super bloggers on Facebook:

1. Seun Osewa

2. Linda Ikeji

3. Makinde Azeez

4. Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare (SIR A-ONE)

5. Donatus Don Enubuzor

6. Godswill Zeky

7. Jodekss Gloatkenf

8. Felix Odd Ayuk

9. Adjekpagbon Mudiaga

9. Igweze Paul

10. Aze Michael

If you cannot find your name here as a blogger it means:
A. We have not done any blogging business together.
B. Omission.

N.B: About 2 persons from the above list are no longer active Facebook users. They opt in for Instagram and Snapchat.


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  1. I have been thinking of how to own a blog on education and sociopolitical issues. I would like to know how someone can build me one that will be veritably, and the price.
    Thanks for the opportunity you offered me.

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