They have finagled ways of shifting responsibility to “We” by Uwuma Precious

Lord Voldemort (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named)

As the killings become unabated, as the blunders pile up, as governance descends to an obvious joke some supporters of President Buhari, knowing they can’t continue to deodorize the prevailing bullshit are gradually crawling out of their parochial chinks to cough out pastiches of disapproval. But they still fall short of outright condemnations -unlike when Jonathan was president. Instead, they have finagled ways of shifting responsibility to “We” and making every Nigerian a partaker of the responsibilities vested on Aso Rock. It’s no longer as it was when with Jonathan every buck ended on the president’s table. The blame on Jonathan was so stiff then that the harpless man cried out, “Everywhere you go you hear Jonathan this, Jonathan that, Nigeria’s problems didn’t start with me!” and oh, how we mocked his whinning! We blamed him some more! We reminded him that he is the C-In-C., the man who should handle things. Even Buhari took the sub to another level when he went to Chatham House on February 21, 2015 and told his audience “if elected, I General Buhari will lead from the front.” Today he is not leading even from the middle! Instead his minions are all over the place asking, “What is the governor of Benue state doing?” or “Why can’t the governor of Taraba do something?” OR “We need to act on these killings.” President Buhari is now Lord Voldemort aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
“The killing is getting too much (they even quantify ‘killings’), WE must do something about this” you hear them say and wonder who is “We”. It would have been funny were it not about death. And these are the same persons who under Jonathan knew exactly who IS responsible for the “welfare and security of the people” and were very familiar with the sacred constitutional injunction that made these items “the primary purpose of government.” Some even fought and still fight over what language is appropriate to describe the murderers. The dead can wait, we will attend to them later. The survivors-waiting-to-die too. What is important for now is what language to qualify the killers.
Should we call them ‘Gunmen’?
What if the real Gunmen take offence?
OK, let’s call them ‘armed bandits’.
No, no, you can’t call them ‘Fulani herdsmen’ that’s offensive to the Myettti Allah!
Yes, we know the group claimed the killings and threatened more killings, but you still can’t call the killers ‘Fulani herdsmen’.
OK, let’s say it’s Boko Haram. Yes, Boko Haram has infiltrated this thing. Forget what the president said about Gaddafi-trained men. The killers are Boko Haram terrorists!
On and on they go, these traders in blood, these duplicitous dregs of evil who barely 4years ago, masquerading as activists against Goodluck Jonathan on this same Facebook looked prodigal power on the face and spoke specific truth to it. Then they knew exactly who was responsible for Nigeria. That the same vehement voices against Jonathan, my former aluta colleagues who screamed their voices hoarse are the same persons today playing with language, expounding the mysteries of Lord Voldemort, dancing this way and that way in their attempt to avoid speaking the obvious truth, is a tragic indictment. We are not better than the politicians we criticise. We are not moved by the pains around us, our cries are not for a better country for all, we are driven solely by personal gains. It’s a shame I was among your murderous horde howling invectives against the inept manifestation that was Goodluck Jonathan. The blood of the dead and dying are on your heads y’all workers of iniquity!

© Uwuma Precious

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