The Dino Melaye’s Drama to the Hospital as written by Ugo Egbujo





Dino who had just performed a stunt of jumping out of a moving police vehicle arrives Zankil hospital. He is stretchered out. He has the face of an unconscious man who fell from a palm tree.
The doctors in Zankil hospital get into an arranged frenzy. Police ask the doctors for Dino’s state. The doctors say he is stable. But before they reach the corridor a doctor runs to them like brother Jero. And says Patient Senator Dino Melaye has a fractured vertebra. The policemen shove the doctor and his corrupt diagnosis aside.
Dino’s men begin to congregate around the hospital, murmuring like hyenas. The police call for reinforcement. The reinforcement comes with angry faces , in jeans and slippers. They were told Dinos men swooped on the police like hawks , on their way to Kogi, and attempted snatch Dino.
Police men seize the hospital and occupy Dino’s hospital room. The doctors look at their scripts and continue to shuffle frantically around Dino. Some of them are talking about oxygen , anesthesia, and embolism. The police are irritated. The police are fed up with medical jargons and doctors behaving like roadside patent medicine dealers . They call for an ambulance.
The doctors adjust their ward coats and read the hippocratic oath, hypocritically, to the police. And declare, that Dino Melaye is unfit to be moved by land sea or air.
The police harvest two political doctors for obstruction of justice. And put them in their van. Then they take Dino, the way Buhari took the $1 billion for security, without authorization, into the ambulance . Dino’s men who have surrounded the hospital start cooing like, ‘ikwikwi’ , owls.
One of Dino’s weeping boys bites his finger and points it to the heavens. And announces that the senate will close down Kogi state and disband the police. Others mute curses against Buhari and chorus: ” A whole senator!”
The ambulance dances away . Police men in rags swarm around it like bees. They dance round Abuja.

Dino tries to faint. He ceases breathing to scare the police. Then he remembers his limos. He stops the stunt, and starts panting. He looks at the police to get them to imagine what it could take to allow a jump out of the ambulance. The policemen shake their heads. One tells him in Hausa that he needs to send Saraki to the the Inspector General.
Dino appreciates the advice of the policeman. Another slides in another advice. He tells Dino to reach Governor Bello so they can talk like young men. Dino tells them the Bello is his boy. He gestures to them that they would all be seen in the morning by his people.
They arrive National hospital Abuja. The policemen resume frowning. Dino slips back into unconscious mode . The man with a broken vertebra! The doctors receive him.

The police want to take him to Kogi without delay. Dino knows that the doctors in the National Hospital can find a diagnosis that can keep him there for a few months. So his men are running around the doctors with cartons of hippocratic oaths and bags of promises of better life.

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