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When I say that Nigeria won’t be good anytime soon, people say that I’m being too pessimistic and I’m confessing negativity. Now we have seen the speech of a President on power. I will call what I’m seeing incredulous that the YOUTHS are still very ready to go EXTRA MILES to prove that what BUHARI said is not bad, instead of them to refer to the man’s utterances as PREPOSTEROUS and OUTLANDISH.
As the president has said, the YOUTHS occupy up to 60% of the total population of Nigeria. Up till this moment, they (THE YOUTHS) have not seen anything good in being part of the decision making processes of the country. They are proud of being THUGS, MEDIA AIDES and the rest of those useless offices.
The president and other politicians have seen the level of poverty in Nigeria which is an obvious show of their handiwork, and they use it against us. What can you tell of a man who stays at the corridor of power for complete four years and nothing good happens in the country, and all of a sudden, when it’s time for election, all the money and the good fortunes of the country which they deprived the populace will show up from nowhere? Are these old politicians not raping us?
I want to share with you a little on why I think that BUHARI might be right in calling Nigerian YOUTHS LAZY. It is a common practice in Nigeria that when a politician is voted into power, especially an old POLITICIAN, he stays away from the people that voted him into power. He lives in luxury and never bothers about what becomes of the masses who have given him their mandate. The crumbs that come out of their tables, they give it to a select few and gives them “petty-empowerment” like MEDIA AIDE, etc. This particular practice is no longer new in Nigeria, even the new born babies are aware. The above mentioned practice is “visible to the blind; audible to the deaf and as clear as a crystal”.
What I have outlined above is not the end of the menace. They target the populace and when it’s getting close to election time, they come with useless empowerments, printing their T-shirts to give to the people. The last minute benefit will be 20 people to share a bag of salt or bag of rice. The next is to see these people who have been crying for the past three (3) years begin to sing their praises and shout for joy that such a politician have their full support.
What makes me more infuriated with this act is that the people who will execute all strategies to make such a politician go back to the office are the YOUTHS. They’re so gullible that the 500 naira, 1,000 naira or even 5,000 naira that will be given to them on the day of election will make them to change their minds and vote the wrong person. They sell the next FOUR (4) years for 5,000 naira. They mortgage their Future. THE POLITICIANS CAPITALIZE ON THEIR POVERTY AND USE IT AGAINST THEM.
Tell me why such person, who is supposed to be dogged in expressing his fury over misplaced priority and bad leadership, will stand without shame to support same person again to go back to office and bring more chaos to him for ANOTHER FOUR YEARS! Tell me why such a person shouldn’t be tagged GULLIBLE and LAZY? If you can’t keep yourself from 5,000 naira and enjoy the next FOUR (4) years, tell me why they should consider you as being useful. YOU’RE LAZY my fellow YOUTHS!
If you want to prove to the OLD POLITICIANS that you’re not LAZY, then stand up on your feet and say NO to BAD LEADERSHIP! Say NO to the OLD FOLKS that are not ready to think of US as being useful. Why would they only consider us as being valuable only when it’s election time? Let us get our people into these positions and show them that the YOUTHS have ability to drive this country to a better level than what they have done. Any youth that votes for these OLD MEN, especially BUHARI against a YOUTH has totally stamped himself as being GULLIBLE, LAZY and UNEDUCATED.


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