Pengician Jodekss Gloatkenf appreciate people on the completion of his B.A degree at OAU

The great writer took to his Facebook profile to salute people on the successful completion of his B.A Project at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife

All praises and adoration are due to Almighty God who in His infinite grace, mercy and favour has been guiding me right from my day one on this earth to the present moment. His grace on me and those who surround me has been quite unquantifiable and what I should really do is thank the great God heartily forevermore.
Having thanked God and placed Him first, I deem it fit to extend my appreciation to those people whom God has used as mechanisms for my success up to this level. Dr. Yemi Adegoju, my fatherly supervisor, should make the first entry on my list of appreciation. There were times when I had the conceptions that you are hateful and ever harsh to your students on purpose. In fact, some of my colleagues said with shudder that I was in soup when I told them you are my supervisor. It was until I was able to frequent your office as a supervisee that I had change in my prior conceptions that you are a Pan-Africanist, disciplined academically and love to instruct for one to be useful effectively for societies for good. How apt in this regard is the Yoruba saying that it is in pain and throb that one goes through the process of beautifying laceration which would eventually be a source of joy. It is still surprising you could speak with me in a jovial manner on serious matters. You would at times call me “Kay baba” and that always makes me smile for real. Thanks so much my Oga, for establishing the familiarity and for instructing us all masterly and adequately from day one.
How much appreciation is ever sufficient for one’s parents who have looked after one right from pregnancy come this far? Words will never be able to appreciate you, Chief Joseph Sunday Kayode and Mrs. Elizabeth Kayode and my step mother, Mrs. Monisola Kayode for everything you have done in my existence. I thank you all for giving birth to me, bringing me up, instilling morality in me, and sending me to school to be useful. May the Almighty God give you the opportunity to have the brightest harvest of your toil and moil on me!
Thank you once again, Dr. Yemi Adegoju. May this acknowledgement never end if the names of those other lecturers who have made positive impact on me for the last four years have not appeared yet in this business of appreciation! The list in this regard should include: Prof Babalola, Prof Segun Adekoya, Dr. Mosobalaje, Dr. Akande, Dr. Faleye, Aya Faleye, Prof Atoye, Dr. Mrs. Hunsu, Prof Adeoti, Dr. Raheem, Dr. Muhammad Ademilokun, Dr. Coker, Dr. Omigbule, Dr. Bamigbade, Dr. Ayeomoni and Mr. Babalola.
I should also not forget the support of my elder brothers and sisters such as Oluwagbenga (RIP), Femi, Nike, Bunmi, Kemi, Ayodeji, Olumide, Olamilekan and Oluwatosin. I specially thank you for your financial assistance from the first day we met, Mr. Tayo Ogunsola and Mr. Gbenga Awodire; may God enrich your purse the more henceforth!
The onus is on me to acknowledge those organisations within and beyond OAU, Ile-Ife which made positive change in my life while I was on campus. These organisations are: Association of Campus Journalists Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife (ACJ OAU ILE IFE) (under which I was the Assistant General Secretary for one academic session), OAU Peeps (where I was the General Secretary for one academic session), OAU; Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Creative Writers’ Association of Nigeria, Osun State Chapter (CWAN) (as Osun State Coordinator yet) and Pengicians worldwide.
Finally, I appreciate you my wonderful friends back home who were there during tough times: Ayomikun, Tayo, Sulaiman, Hafeez, Abiodun. I love you all my friends, whom I met on campus: Alexander, Ebo, Marcus, Victor, Gbemisola, Raphael, Tolu, Oluwadaminiola, Quadri and Ibrahim. Thanks for being there, when there is food and when there is no food, thanks for making my four years entertaining and academically adventurous. I thank Moyosoreoluwa for being there passionately. May God bless you all always! The greatest part of this appreciation should go to those whom I did not remember to mention in this long essay.
This is the Thesis.

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