Obinna Oke qualified as a medical doctor, Macpherson Priest Okpara drops a Tribute to Resilience 



That he has just qualified as a medical doctor is not the subject of this commentary. I am concerned with the many things that make him significantly different from several other young men of this age.
A person of humble beginning, he has so redefined humility that his character belittles the proverbial lamb. Add this to his meekness, his humour, his disarming smiles: you get a man endowed with irresistible charisma.
A young man exposed early in life to telling rigours and tortures of living in a nation where dreams die on conception, he has mastered the dictates of resilience and assuaged the vagaries of his chosen path to fulfilment, emerging a medic after some eight years of tears and laughter.
Truthful, trustworthy and contented, his life is a good study in selflessness and unnerving inclination to humanitarian fervour. One example: late last year he made a Facebook post about a helpless widow and her children in the grips of abject poverty and suffering. A stranger responded by paying N7m (seven million Naira) into his account for the purpose of building a three-bedroom bungalow for the family. Obinna diligently caused the house to stand (between February and March this year), and handed it over to the widow, complete with furnishings and motorised bore-hole water. It may interest you to note that the widow is not from Dr Oke’s community or local government area. Her late son, Joshua, was Dr Oke’s friend. Obinna is the SAINT I know!
Highly talented and creative, he operates otherworldly and aims to attain the acme of his callings, especially creative writing and medical practice; this makes his goals dwarf the aspirations of most merry-go age mates of his. I recall that when I met him some ten years ago at the readings of the Abakaliki Literary Society and the Association of Nigerian Authors, I immediately recognized his brilliance and charm. Ever since, he has been my friend, a member of my mastermind alliance, an indispensable companion in the intellectual movement. I recall having to part-sponsor his attendance at one or two Annual International Conventions of the Association of Nigerian Authors to carry him along, promote him and keep his company.

Obaino, your successful journey to the medical profession is a plus for humanity. I am convinced you are poised to render superlative services to man, that you are not going to exploit your patients, that success will be your nickname as you practise, that all the sacrifices you have made will be fully rewarded.
From the beginning, I have been an insider drinking the story of your sail to this ultimate destination, gulping doses of the emanating tales, sharing sparks of the prickly pains and laughing to the riveting thrills.
I believe in you. I believe in your stardom. I believe you will rise to the highest stratum of the job and the other job, creative writing.
The Literati Temple family and the literary community in Ebonyi State congratulate you!

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1 thought on “Obinna Oke qualified as a medical doctor, Macpherson Priest Okpara drops a Tribute to Resilience 

  1. Obinna Oke is a young man every positivel and sensitive person would want as a friend even if it be from a distance. I came in contact of his Facebook page sometime ago while it ran a story on a widow. Three things took grip of me about the person who did the post: extremely meek language, apparent psychic endowment and overwhelming goodness of character. When I sought to send him a friend request, I discovered he had already had enough and was not surprised. I just had to follow him.

    Another unexpected event was the handing over of a modern day bungalow to that old lady – something he achieved with his genuine love and mesmerizing communicative gift. He therewith shows to many a youth how positive the social media can be put to use when human beings, young and old, choose to act positively.

    Later he became a medical doctor and I thought to myself: and this!

    The fact is that for a science student to still bear such deep rooted art orientation as can arrest pure art lovers is a sign of certain completeness so rare to find among men.

    By the way from this tribute one can see that Obinna Oke is a part of a movement (whether nascent or long existing one does not know) which clearly shows the ability to engulf and uplift the youth from the mire of moral decadence threatening this generation. It can be seen that this tribute has issued from one who must be one of the corner stones upholding such a movement. We are waiting. Art lovers. Writers’ readers.

    Meanwhile this comments are just congratulatory basically. To Obinna Oke, and to all the loving human beings who have one way or the other helped to let Obinna come this far.

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