[Nigerians React] Sarco: The ‘Suicide Machine’ Invented By Philip Nitschke “Dr Death”

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‘Sarco’ the suicide machine

‘Dr Death’ announces plans to launch world’s first 3D-printed euthanasia machine complete with detachable coffin – but pro life groups warn it is ‘glamorizing suicide’

*’Dr Death’ Philip Nitschke launched world’s first 3D-printed euthanasia machine
*Named Sarco, euthanasia machine allows people to end their own lives indorrs
*The capsule then detaches and doubles as a coffin for the deceased individual
*Dr Nitschke and Alexander Bannink designed the machine in the Netherlands
*He believes it is a more ‘peaceful and I would even say an elegant death’
*Pro-life groups warn it is dangerous and is ‘glamorizing and normalizing suicide’
*A euthanasia advocate has sparked outrage after he announced plans to launch the world’s first 3D-printed suicide machine next year.

Dr Philip Nitschke, 70, recently unveiled plans for his futuristic death machine, the Sarco.

Nitschke, who has been branded ‘Dr Death’ following 22 years in the field of euthanasia, developed the Sarco with engineer Alexander Bannick in the Netherlands, with the aim of making it available worldwide.

His non for profit organisation, Exit International, will be placing the printing program on the internet as free open source material once they have been fully tested, which will allow the machine to be 3D-printed and assembled anywhere in the world.

However, pro-life groups have criticized Dr Nitschke and warn his machine could lead to a huge rise in suicides across the US.

Nurse Nancy Valko, RN ALNC, of St. Louis, Missouri, is a spokesperson for the National Association of Pro-life Nurses and has worked on trauma units and burns. Her own daughter took her life, aged 30, after more than a decade of substance abuse after reading Final Exit.



Nigerians React:

Buhari I know you like this machine.

Finally it’s here,no more stale suicide .

Hope its cheap cuz I wan buy plenty for my area people

make e cheap abeg, people in nigeria need it

Who uses it afterwards? What about the obvious possibility of using this for murder and assassination? Why can’t the inventor be the first to die by it?

people that want to commit suicide are usually broke to buy a machine like this, besides, they want to die discreetly. Especially when a single jump from a tall building head down will do the job smoothly.

DEy shud dash buhari one bikonu

What a pity that the potential biggest customers of this device are MUDSlimes who would rather use suicide vests to achieve their evil agenda.

He needs to live by example… not just oral explanation, he should practicalize it when lauching it on live tv, then we will know how effective the machine can be

Now when you thought you’ve heard it all, an Australian Doctor invented suicide machine! The end is here.

This kain machine you buy and only use once.
After use, you will it to your son.

Oyibo and premium marketing.

See as the doctor sugarcoat the whole thing sotey death go even dey hungry you.

He believes it is a more ‘peaceful and I would even say an elegant death


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