Macpherson Priest Okpara makes case for Lazy writers and researchers of the 21st century


When will ‘the_book_is_not_available’ syndrome end? Most young Nigerian literary scholars and students could be a lazy bunch of bananas! I bet many of them don’t go to libraries to read; they think the internet is now the only source of research material for their assignments, seminar papers, term papers, long essays, etc. How wrong they are!
One such scholar recently wanted to know if the Literati Temple could help them get a copy of Moliere’s Tartuffe. “Yes, we have a copy in the Temple” was my reply. Those rare scarce plays! We have them: Anon’s Everyman, Ibsen’s The Wild Duck, Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Strindberg’s The Ghost Sonata, Yeats’ Purgatory, Eugene Ionesco’s The Lesson, Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge, etc. Very neat, original copies!
We charge moderate consultation fees from scholars who patronize the Literati Temple for research, etc. because we spend money to stock the library, pay our staff, etc.
Inbox me for details if you would like to consult us for anything, from editorial services to sourcing primary and secondary material for your long essay, B A thesis, M A dissertations or PhD thesis in Literature, etc.
View the picture of a section of Literati Temple research library below:


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