Hypochondria winking at grime by Sofia Kioroglou 

As time goes by
the twain shall eventually meet
with scraps of kneejerk iconoclasm
starting to meekly recede

Years of being together
have mellowed my tetchiness
brimful ashtrays no longer call for
scathing versified onslaught

The caterwauling about dripping faucets
not affecting him too much
my hypochondria now winking at grime
in love’s dazzling and menacing world
our hearts melting in its immensity.

About the author/poet

Hear from her:

I am a poet, a published author, a missionary and a wife from Athens, Greece. You might have read a poem or story of mine but even if you haven’t, it is never too late to get a glimpse of my writings. I have been writing ever since I got a feel of the pen. I have always loved putting my thoughts down on paper, a kind of leaving a legacy for posterity.

I find writing to be a form of catharsis, the jumping-off point on my journey to soul-searching and self-purification. Most of my poems are imbued with an unquenchable thirst for the Truth and the Light. Religion and philosophy are central to my poetry, with the verse always taking on behemoth proportions.Sofia Kioroglou  and you can find me on Twitter @SKioroglou

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