Human rights abuses have increased under Buhari – US

The fearless icon, Reno Omokri dropped this hours ago:

The US has just released a report saying human rights abuses have increased under Buhari. Transparency International said corruption has increased. The
Global Terrorism Index says insecurity has increased in Nigeria since 2015 and we are now the third most terrorized nation in the world. The International Monetary Fund say the Nigerian economy is worse now than in 2015 (as if we don’t already know). So, what exactly has Buhari improved in three years besides his family and his cronies’ financial status? Has your life improved? Has he kept his campaign promises? Yet he wants to come back. Will you let him?

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4 thoughts on “Human rights abuses have increased under Buhari – US

  1. Ruffin Ose John wrote:

    PMB is a damaged brainbox… again and again he has proven that he is bereft of the capacity to govern even an association in the 21st Century. PMB/APC, their members and supporters already know that reelcting him in 2019 is merely a dream yet many of them are still being fooled by the facts of his incubency and that he is a retired General. They hope that he will use these to do and undo to perpetuate himself in power. Man proposes God disposes.2019 shall be the end of the road for Buhari.

  2. Maduka Michael has this to say:

    I dare not vote him. Never voted for him and will never vote his likes. We need a younger Nigerian with vision. Anybody above 60 years should go and rest in peace joor. GMB is an international disgrace to humanity.

  3. Lucky Silas said:

    Olorun Maje!Tufiakwa!!Affliction Shall Not Arise A Second Time In Jesus Name Amen.Bye Bye To Negative Change.Its Time To Change The Change.Arise Oh Compatriots.Nigerias Call Obey.GOD IS GOD…KASSTF.

  4. Next A Chuks responded:

    Block head who claim to know everything and all apc member are saint. Get your PVC let show them what lazy youth as they said can do to active old men

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