Happy birthday to my eleven (11) friends celebrating today – SIR A-ONE

I don’t have pounds, sterling, naira, dollars etc to give to you dear Friends. But I’m very happy that Today is your Day

Emmanuel Kayode (Jodekss Gloatkenf) the PunMaster. A writer who is not only creative, but very sincere in all his dealings online and offline. Whoever gets married first between us should be the other person’s best man. 👏🙏

Yahya Nancy
Facebook said you’re 34. But I know Facebook is not telling the truth. I know your real age. Your real age is success. And not in numbers.

Oreofe Owolabi
Facebook said you’re 31. What a big lie? You’re fruitfulness redefined. Shine on.

Ginna Samuel
27 years of age. Bloody liars. I know how old you are. Your age is prosperousness.

Emeka Christian Umunnakwe
Always devouring books like food. You just clock progress as your new age.

Tope Oloniniyi
I salute you today cos I know greater celebration are on their way.

Maria Diamond
Pretty icon, remain fruitful today and always.

Cletus Ojogan
The brother that love suit the same way I love food.

McCoy Major Golding
His ink is ever bleeding. A literature lover anytime, any day, anywhere.

Braide Deinyibo Donald
The Oyibo pepper. The brother with the skin that glow like the sun.

Evang Stephenmario
Facebook is at it telling me you’re 27, when actually you’re the Boss that can boss uncle Mark.

Happy birthday to you all. So much love.
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