Congress Summers drops his submission on Buhari

So Buhari went to the Commonwealth summit to speak for his almajiri imbeciles…
Because, for a president of a multi-ethnic nation like Nigeria to tell the world that his younger citizens are lazy and don’t go to school, only means that he views all of us from the prism of Fulani ethnic group..
On a second thought, Buhari probably thought that we were all his primary 1 classmates, because as far as I know, from that picture of gworo consumers he released during his WAEC certificate saga, every single man in that picture was a drop out, including him… No wonder he concluded that we didn’t go to school.
Who do I blame?
Buhari?……. NO!
Fulani?…….. NO!
I blame the Sowores, the Pius Adesanmis, the Tinubus, the Yoruba Muslims and gullible Christians, the Igbo efulefus, the foolish lawyers, the father Mbakas, the nzuzu journalists, the olodo bankers, the bunkum pastors, the mumu teachers and lecturers, who packaged and brought this calamity upon us.
I blame the night Buhari was conceived…
I blame the army that adopted him from the bush where he was looking after his father’s cattle…
I blame this fraud called ONE NIGERIA…


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