Chrisrian Ebhote lambasted over his careless support for Buhari

Chrisrian Ebhote, a Nigerian based in Columbia, Maryland has been lambasted by Nigerians for his daily careless support for Buhari.


The Facebook post that led to it is:

The Nigerian youths roared: “Give us chance to govern”.
Mee: Nobody took the chance away from you to govern. Work hard for your chance to govern, just like your preceding generations. Yes, you are “lazy brats”, demanding everything to be given to you in a plate of gold. Yours truly.

Chrisrian Ebhote


Some reactions:

Olodude Joshua >>>
Highly disappointed in you.


Okoye Nwoye Urichindere >>>
You are a father, Mr Christian Chrisrian . Can you please tell us where you come to motivate your children?
Is it in the market square?
Please it is better not to comment on this than to make attempt at defending this monumental buffoonery.
It is no longer funny. Stop rubbing our unfortunate situation in our faces because you are not on the receiving end. This is inhumanity and crass wickedness on your part, even as a father.
You are growing old you also need to be growing up.


Olodude Joshua >>>
This is someone who had all the opportunity to study to any level for free now ranting on youths who do all sort of hard labour to finance their education only to continue with the same hard labour even after graduation
What a pity.


Azeez Adebiyi >>>
The President is suffering from Dementia.


Olorijanbe Kolawole Amos >>>
Chrisrian Ebhote , I know you are a buharist so you can say anything. It is not new.


Peter Bassey >>>
The most stupid and Mumuist post of all time from a retard fellow.
Yours sincerely.


Okoye Nwoye Urichindere >>>
You are Chrisrian Ebhote !
You’re exactly like your Lord, Buhari.
Oya come back home na, mba! Na to dey obodo oyibo dey yab Naija youths.
You are not better than Nigerian youths. You’re only lucky.


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2 thoughts on “Chrisrian Ebhote lambasted over his careless support for Buhari

  1. Emeka Obiora Ihemeje wrote:

    Nigerian Youths are not Lazy!
    70% of Nigerian Youths are more Educated than Buhari Himself.
    Nigerian Youths should Fight against this Proscription!
    Nigerian Youths have Enough Power to Rewrite our history in Nigeria…

  2. Chioma Ngaikedi wrote:

    Nigerian youths!
    Do you want a president that goes before the world and calls you LAZY?
    2019 is coming. This insult must not be forgotten. I am tired of this one chance vehicle we entered.
    With all due respect Mr President, I am a hard working filmmaker fighting to make a living in a nation that cares less about me. I don’t get steady power supply to shoot my films, we don’t have a structured film village nor film studios that will enable us produce groundbreaking films. We don’t have good roads to convey our cast and crew. We have the camouflaged CBN and BOI grants for filmmakers /entrepreneurs to aid their businesses yet does these grants get to us? Capital No! The top government officials and their relatives block the road, siphon the billions that should have helped millions of Nigerian youths. Still, we don’t complain. We fight our asses off to survive in a country that is determined to crush the poor.
    Mr President, it is said that a true leader should feel the pains of his followers. But how can you feel our pain when you don’t sleep in pitch darkness at night? How can you feel our pain when it’s not your daughter that are being withdrawn from northern schools because of boko haram threats? How can you feel our pain when you are not the one pushing wheel Barrows in the streets under hot sun? How can you feel our pain when you are not hawking plantain chips on the express road and still dodging from KIA who are determined to take the little you have made for the day.
    Mr President, it will please me to bring to your notice that there are no other youths in the entire world that are as determined as Nigerian youths. We take pains and mould it to joy. We take ashes and spin to gold. Despite the dark pit bad leadership has thrown us in, still we rise.
    To be insulted like this before the entire world by a president we voted into power is a slap on our faces. How many youths trekked across states for you during the last election? How many fought for you through thick and thin? Didn’t you promise to pay unemployed youths and feed primary school children? How many of these promises have you kept?
    It is disheartening to imagine the fate of youths in this country when our number one man thinks of us this way and even had to come out in the public to say it?
    Mr President, we deserve a heartfelt apology.
    With love,
    Chioma Ngaikedi.

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