Buhari is unapologetically imbecilic

by Uwuma Precious

Senile Dementia or Disregard for Common Sense?

News: President Buhari has told Archbishop Welby in London that the killer herdsmen are not Fulani herdsmen but armed Libyans trained by Maummar Gaddafi.

If the bandits are Gaddafi-trained Libyans, why did the President ask the victims to “accommodate and see them as your brothers”?when survivors from Benue visited Aso Rock? Why did VP Osinbajo discourage retaliation? Why the outrage against Gen. Danjuma’s suggestion of self-defence?
Where on earth is foriegn aggression treated with such fliipancy by govt and citizens alike?
This president entertains an abysmally pedestrain approach to really serious issues.
He famously said Gen. Abacha, the legendary kleptomaniac didn’t steal yet his govt is receiving and even currently drenched in controversies on Swiss-returned Abacha loot. He said Nigerians must grow their food locally but his govt said it will import Brazilian grass for cattle. He has never failed to express his desire for Nigerians to save forex by eating local rice, but himself, family and appointees can seek medicare overseas- that does not affect forex.
Oh hallelujah! to his staunch anti-corruption stance, MDAs are now generating trillions, yet his govt is shooting up the debt profile in record digits, taking Sukuk loans, collapsing YouWin for “lack of funds”…
Where exactly does it end, these lies, this institutionalization of cognitive dissonance under President Buhari?
It takes a very low IQ to consider a man of Buhari’s reasoning trajectory as capable of leading a nation as complex and pregnant with issues demanding tasking mental strength to handle with a sense of emergency. Britain, Russia… France, Germany, Canada… all countries we aspire to, countries without any of the basic issues we struggle with have made an institution out of electing poised leaders with strong intellectual and physical capital, yet even in our debilitating state we are still debating on a senile >80year old who wouldn’t pass the most elementary of aptitude tests on leadership anywhere. Who can Buhari beat on a test of leadership anywhere? Jin Ping? Trudeau? Putin? Trump? May or Merkel? Yet we think he is on a path to making our country liveable like these people? Yet, we have folks who can stand up to these guys. Some are even in the race. Their personal achievements speak for them. But oh, they are too young! Their haircut is bad. This one once supported Buhari! The other one does not greet people well! So we will rather have a tested and confirmed to be empty vindictive, lying, senile, confused, 80year old with a bovine messiahnic complex but without an elementary certificate and nothing to his name save shooting himself to power once and disgraced for it.
It was the height of civic rascality to have chosen Buhari over Jonathan -it’s so inexcusable. Buhari isn’t fit to lead any collection of humans unrelated to him by the primordial imperatives of religion, ethnicity or blood. To be desirous of leadership isn’t bestowal of the skills needed to lead, else he won’t be saying the dissonant nonsense he’s fond of saying and with an annoying straight face! If Jonathant was pedestrain in his utterances on serious issues, Buhari is unapologetically imbecilic.


© Uwuma Precious

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