Buhari declared his intention to run for 2019 Election: Nigerians REACT!

A statement released by presidential media aide, Garba Shehu, has stated President Buhari’s reason for seeking re-election
”The President said he was responding to the clamour by Nigerians to recontest in 2019, adding that he wanted to give NEC the honour of notifying them first” the statement read.

Buhari forgot what he said some years back. Photo(s) don’t LIE


Nigerians React

“Buhari is a political ugberadja, and he should not be allowed to come back in 2019. Else, it will take Nigeria 1000 years to recover the loss he will bring.”



”President Buhari’s chances of re-election is as tall as Elrufai”

Reno Omokri


Oby Ezekwesili


Mar 17
“When this Country , Nigeria🇳🇬 finally finds Good Governance, the SHEER SCALE of innovations that Nigerians will introduce to the world will be intimidating. Mark. My. Word. “🙏🏾


More reactions

Kierian Ikenya >>>
A Nec meeting was held today and the President Muhammadu Buhari used the opportunity to announce
his intention to run for the office of the PRESIDENT in 2019. We have not recovered from his three year hardship as a President yet he wants run for a second term, My able president you have failed the Nigerians and you are a disappointment to APC.
Bad Leaders are elected because the good ones did not vote!!!!
Nigerians be-warned and vote wisely come 2019.


Nigeria news update >>>

Ex-Aviation minister, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s declaration to contest for second term earlier today.
The PDP chieftain took to Twitter to announce that the President will fail in his bid to clinch power again in 2019. He wrote;
“@MBuhari has declared his intention to seek for a fresh mandate.He should prepare himself for the biggest demystification in Nigeria’s history.A man whose legacy is nothing but blood, death, destruction, corruption, division, conflict, failure and carnage wants to run. He will FAIL!”


Emudiaga Otobele >>>
What is the difference between an Ordinary Thief (OT) & a Political Thief (PT) ?
1.The Ordinary Thief steals your Money, bag, watch, gold chain etc.
But, The Political Thief steals your future, career, education, health & business !
2. The hilarious part is :
The Ordinary Thief will choose whom to rob. But, you yourself choose the Political Thief to rob you.
3. The most ironic one :
Police will chase and nab the Ordinary Thief. But, Police will look after and protect the Political Thief !
That’s the travesty cum irony of our current society!
And, we blindly say we are not blind !
*Too good not to share*

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