[World Longest Poem] Dr Fixit (Stanza 3365 -3367 By Godwin Inyang


Then, the Jims returned; Libby
Resumed in the bureau and Jim
Kept working hard to produce
All the animated scenes
With technical backup in
Hollywood while Nollywood
Actors were eagerly here in
Cafes talking with the Jims.
The campaigns hotted up, the dry
Season sauntered in and the scenes
To be shot in the jungle
Were mainly in the rains
And the film-makers wanted
Production to capture the real
Tone of the rain; we’d sit out
The election as the main train
After its outcome would be assembled
And the ride to the jungle
Would commence as returning
Were steady drops of the rain.
I resolved, being quite elated
About the progress of the film,
Going with the movie crew to
The jungle was to my gain.

Not that the romantic war
Within me ebbed but I wasn’t
Drowned by its flow either – I managed
It well to say the truth;
My dream girl remained Loveit,
Crookedmouthit’s sister; my prayer
Was let the changes that occurred
With time not mar the taproot
Of the admiration we had
As kids for each other. Yeah,
Somehow I thought I was stupid –
Why did I think the love a nun
Would show to her vow would be weakened
By the childish crush we had
For one another? Looked like in
Unholy lust I did burn!

The truth would be known when
We met. Well, the election
Campaigns in every nook and cranny
Of the country did hot up:
The ruling party fought tooth
And nail to stay in power, saying
The progress since the new republic
In the nation they did prop.
The opposition with their broom said
They were sweeping out the ruling
Party with their leaky umbrella –
It was time for a great change.
Yes, corruption was rife
And the question was: those
Bringing change, how far were they
From the corruption range?


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