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When a mad man from Ikoyi meets a mad man from Mushin he contains himself..
Who would believe that Reno Omokri would run away from a competition in spoken gutter words. Well his opponent is neither Amaechi nor Buhari.
Reno is the pastor of Mind of Christ christian center. But while the world waits for the manifestation of the sons of God, Reno has preoccupied himself mastering the art of gutter sniping. Always taking ten teeth for one tooth, Reno has built a reputation Moses and not Christ would envy.
But Reno has met more than his match. Fani Kayode likes to be remembered as a Cambridge graduate. If that university takes a second look at his public conduct it would disown him. Fani Kayode likes to remind everyone that his father, and perhaps his grandfather, were men of timbre and calibre. So Fani Kayode has allowed himself remain stuck with the delusion that his is a chip of an illustrious old block, his motor park manners notwithstanding.
How did this rumble in the gutter start?
Abubakar Atiku wants to be president. He is Fulani. He dislikes the unqualified identification of violent herdsmen as Fulanis. Fani Kayode , who wines and dines with Fulanis but hates Buhari and hates Fulani hegemony, tells Atiku to quit sophistry.

FFK the voluble, has become an anointed vuvuzela for hate and bitterness.
Reno Omokri is a perhaps vernacular version of FFK, his sojourn in America notwithstanding . His capacity for bigotry and petty mindedness has become a legend too. You would think that if a pastor chose to become a political attack dog for career reasons he would at least seek inoculation against rabies. But Reno’s rabid barks no longer attract raised eyebrows
Reno Omokri found Fani Kayode’s response to Atiku distasteful. It is not because he now has a mind of Christ. It is because he has a new master in Atiku. He has to burnish him.
Reno burnishes his earthly masters at the expense of the advertised heavenly one. That’s a nuggety observation
So he called out Fani Kayode who had twisted Atiku’s comments to serve his appetite for small mindedness and bigotry.
In one or two tweets, Fani Kayode dug his canines into Reno Omokri and cannibalized his erstwhile compatriot . He told Omokri he was born in the gutter and would die in the gutter. He told him he was a wretched son of an anonymous nobody and would die a nobody. No, he said he was sure Reno would die a slave.
He told Reno he was the caricature of a pastor. By the way Fani Kayode likes to be identified as a born again, spirit filled, tongues speaking, christian. Everyone who knows, knows that when FFK curses, he curses with venom , and curses in the name of the Lord!
I looked through the tweets to see if he would brand Reno Omokri an Amalekite or a Jebusite!
Or call him Gehazi. Perhaps he is preparing more corrosive missiles.
Reno gifted with a tongue made for mad market women acted strangely subdued. I had thought he would talk about drug addiction and psychiatry. Because his weapons of verbal warfare are often extremely carnal. But restrained himself to issues of integrity and mendacity alone.
And he even chose to defend himself against alleged wretchedness. He said he made millions of dollars selling his bestseller in America.
Reno Omokri!
Reno acted thoroughly subdued by his standards. When he called FFK a liar, he didnt call him ‘a liar from the pit of hell’. Perhaps that extra bit is reserved for Buhari, Amaechi and Lai Mohammed..
But FFK didn’t spare Chief Wendell Smelin. He called him a worm and labelled him a treacherous CIA agent. That was a hard blow. And you would think that Reno would crouch and punch back. And call the loquacious man a serial abuser of women. But he didnt. Perhaps he remembered his theory of virginity and didn’t want fishy things exhumed.
Atiku should have been told. He should have bought both of them. And spared us the pornography of gutter sniping.
But it is true. When a mad man from Ikoyi sees the one from Mushin , he contains his madness.

© Ugo Egujo

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