Sunday worship service at Calvary Baptist Church, Abraka



Sunday worship service 11/03/2018 at Calvary Baptist Church, Abraka

Topic: Who are your Friends?
Scripture: Luke 5:17-25

Preacher: Rev. Napoleon A. Anokwuru, PhD
In today’s ministration, I’m not going to focus on the paralyzed man but his friends. We are living in a world of friendship. If you visit the social media especially the facebook, twitter and instagram, it’s all about friendship. Many of our friends have a lot of influence both negatively and positively on us. Some of them decide our actions.
There are three major things your friends can do for you
1) Your friends should be able to bring you to Jesus Christ. James 4:4.
2) Your friends’ faith can encourage your faith. There are people who are willing to serve God but they need to first break the barrier of friendship that is standing as an obstacle to them. Matthew 5:29-30.
3) Your friends should lead you to glorify God. The paralyzed man glorified God not only for the healing but because he has friends that brought him to Jesus Christ.
Almighty God, give your children the grace to have good friends who will bring them to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Father, also give Your children the courage to break away from bad friends that will lead them astray in Jesus name! Amen.

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