Robinson Akpu asked ‘Why is Smoking ‘Marijuana’ a crime?’ and the answers will blow up your mind [See Answers]


Robinson Akpu the great On-Air Personality (OAP) in the city of PortHarcourt asked below question:

Why is Smoking ‘Marijuana’ a crime? 

when he made below post

A simple question requires a simple answer,
Why is Smoking ‘Marijuana’ a crime?

Below were some of the answers:


Egbesu Simon >>>
Marijuana, cannabis etc are part of the prohibited substances to be sold or used without prescription from appropriate authority. It is classified a hard drug and its use must be only on prescription and recommendations.

The use or been in possession of prohibited and classified hard drugs or substances generally is criminal. Not just marijuana but including strong anesthetics.

Yes it seems so. I think others are not readily available, accessible and affordable like marij save recently when guys have discovered TM, codeine as its substitute. And again the feeling derived from marij might make it preferable hence the populace go for it more. Therefore according to Tupac “all eyes on me” but when caught its all the same unlawful possession or use of prohibited substances.


KObaba Jornsen >>>
Because you cannot be smoking what several politicians are smoking as if una be mate.

Omusuo Nimi-Wilson Irigha >>>
Ask Rochas Okorocha


Goodnews Andrew Eruemuare >>>
Let me ask Lai Moha… He might give a reasonable answer. Be right back in 2086.


Alfred E Epidi >>>
If possession or smoking marijuana is a crime, it makes God the ultimate criminal for creating marijuana and giving it to man. Yes, makes him the ultimate dealer.
So I wonder too. How is smoking or possession of marijuana a crime?


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