On TY Danjuma and self defense, Adeola Soetan has this to say

‘Self Defence is Legitimate.
Stop your Hypocrisy Pls.
I ask you, what will you do and your community if faced with regular armed bandits attacks, be it armed robbers, violent herdsmen, cattle rustlers, area boys, intra / inter community gangsters, kidnappers .., and the police and other security operatives are incapable to defend you?
Organised individual and mass self defence is not only lawful but necessary when faced with persistent violent gang invasion and help from security is not forthcoming or inadequate.
This is the reason we have Civilian JTF, Neighbourhood Vigilantes, OPC, Village Hunters, Estates Security Guards and so on across the nation because security is a collective responsibility.
Already the super rich including Danjuma, Buhari, Obasanjo, Saraki, Osinbajo, your wealthy pastors & imams, all your governors, (ex & incumbent), national assembly members, prominent & notorious politicians, celebrities, enjoy the exclusive privilege of self defence mechanism in various forms.
They have registered guns (for what? – Self Defence of cause), one third of police force are attached to them, for what? Self defence. All retired Generals including Obj, Danjuma, Buhari have permanent detachment of fully armed military men attached to them, for what? – for their self defence. (Or have you forgotten that it was Buhari’s security details that saved his life when Boko Haram attacked him in Kaduna before he became the president.
In addition to this, the super rich and those you elected and those many of you worship at their feet for crumbs have dogs like lions, trained snakes, alert birds, private security details, bouncers, in addition to electrified high fences equipped with CCTV in their palatial homes. All for what? For their self defence!
So, let the poor , the confused working class and slavish Abobakus continue to argue unreasonably against self defence based on sentiment or naivety that the call by Danjuma, which is not a new call anyway, for self defence is uncalled for.
You call it Anarchy? Stupid and anal reasoning!
Please wait for the next bullet and make your family members to become ‘Suya’ when the next armed bandits including violent Fulani herdsmen, Badoo, cattle rustlers and other bandits come to your neighbourhood for blood, your land , and money. How many VIPs have been killed so far in this unsecured terror situation in our communities?
What kind of a country’s security architecture will allow bandit invaders to regroup and come back to kill mourners during a funeral of their loved relatives earlier killed by same invaders if not ineptitude, compromise, lack of adequate weapons, command negligence, government failure to defend its citizens without favour or bias?
Have you taken time to situate the insensitive responses and the bad effects it will have on the morale of security operatives when President Buhari, his Defence Minister and IG spoke in the same appeasing blunders which is capable of embolden violent armed herdsmen and other gangsters?
If you pretend to forget, I will remind you:
* Buhari to sorrowful Benue people in the heat of human carnage: ‘Always learn how to embrace your neighbours)
* Defence Minister: ‘What did you want them (violent herdsmen) to do when you have blocked all their grazing routes?
* IG: ‘There can’t be peace until when the grazing law enacted by those States are repealed’
And of cause, the violent faction of Miyetti Allah leadership came out boldly before our very eyes to claim responsibilities for some of these organised violence. No arrest, no invitation, and no interrogation of its leadership in a country governed by laws? That cannot be a best way to show a government that is not bias with its fundamental duty to secure lives and properties of the people.
Yes, Danjuma as a member of the corrupt powerful ruling class is also as guilty as all of your pay masters in the grabbing of our commonwealth that is responsible for economic war against the people which breeds social conflicts and violence everywhere, but he is not saying anything new based on upsurge in human carnage that Buhari regime seems incapable to seriously address.
Perhaps many of those of you that disagree with self defence have licenced guns or unlicensed Dane guns, matchetes, you keep below your pillow always when you want to sleep at night. What an Hypocrisy!
When government is failing to protect the citizens, people cannot and should not fail to defend themselves across the nation.
Or else, let the defenceless poor start wishing themselves R.I.P. in advance.


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