LET ME DIE EMPTY (Brains for sale) by Stanley Ezechukwu

On a fateful evening being yesterday, as the sun was gradually withdrawing its illumination from the earth and the clouds becoming grey and gloomy, the rumblings of thunder sent the warning of rain. The cool breeze was soothing to the skin and the air scented ‘uro’- stone calcium and i felt nolstagic of then days we played at the stream, breaking off uro and eating them.
As it was in my character of stopping over the bookstore to check on new and interesting books, at least four, for the new month. I drove to the Everyday bookstore, my three friends- the good, the bad and the smart, were in my company. We got into the bookstore, roving round the book stand and making choices for books to buy before the storekeeper accosted us.
‘May I show you our new section? It consists of human brains for sale”. The storekeeper startled us with the last sentence.
He then led us into a bigger and cooler room. It was really freezing of which i believed it was to keep the brains fresh. We strolled to a section where brains were exhibited in glass show cases with price tags.
Paulina Gates – 1,000,000 USD
Ebuka Udueze – 850,000 USD
Joseph Carter – 190,000 USD
Chisom OKedu – 80,000 USD
 Chinua Achebe – 9.1 USD
Nelson Mandela – 8 USD
Henry Ford – 6.5 USD
Thomas Edison – 5.1 USD
Albert Einstein –  4.6 USD
“But why would such great men’s brain be sold for a penny while those of unknown and probably nobody sold exorbitantly?” My good friend asked in confusion.
He replied: “Every one of us are born with nature of a brain with equal capacity. Its on record and scientifically experimented that humans in their lifetime make use of a 10% of their brain capacity. With just 10% we have done amazing and wonders, we have invented millions of machines that aid in comforting our daily lives. The level of our technological and psychological advancement is astonishing and incredible. Little wonder what we could do with a 40% capacity let alone near 100%.
“Now while on earth these men were exposed to the same freedom of thought (the greatest freedom ever bequeathed to mankind) and will. The equal chance to donate their geniuses to the world was exercised by few and toyed by many.
“Paradoxical it may seem  that the well-used brains were sold for a penny because they had long emptied ideas stocked in their brain (though it never finishes). The exorbitantly sold ones still had fresh ‘hunches’ unharnessed and unused.”
We complain so much of infringement of our rights as humans by those in power hence, neglecting the greatest assets God have given us. THE POWER OF THOUGHT. What have we in our little way accomplished or thought of? Have we ever thought of solving set of problems ravaging the society? Must you become the president or governor before donating your genius to the world?
Remember that whatsoever the mind could conceive and believe, it could be achieved.
Think think and think, it will surely come and we will toast to your epiphany.
Stanley Ezechukwu 
(Mr Scribe)

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