Getting to know ABUBAKAR SADIQ GWAM, Nesels 2018 Mr. Fresher by Ahmad Abubakar Alhaji

It happened so that I had a little chat with our new Mr. Fresher- Abubakar Sadiq Gwam, a English department student who won our hearts with his cool cat style at the 2018 Fresher’s party

Congratulations on your victory over the recent organised Fresher’s party

Thank you!

Q. Kindly introduce yourself

A. I’m Abubaker  Sadiq Gwam, I was born and brought up in Niger State. I attended FGC Minna and also Gbagyi by tribe.  100level English student of Ibrahim badamasi babangida University, Lapai

Q. Quite impressive. You recently won the Mr fresher of your department, how does it felt?

A. Well, I was happy even if its not my first time to be participating in such kind of event. Though I see and take it as a favor from the most high.

Q. Wow! So, what inspires you into contesting for the post?

A. I was at home when my humble DOS called me that I should come contest for Mr fresher and I kindly obliged, for I known no reason for the unexpected calling.
I never  dreamed of becoming or aspiring for this position but all the same, am happy to be called.

Q. What are then roles of Mr fresher?
A. College freshers organizes fresher’s party every year. The main aim of this party is to give a warm welcome to the new comers. Such parties not only build their confidence but also add creativity to their levels. It is accompanied with so many colourful events and programs such as western dances, exhilarating singing performances, and splendid decoration, thus making it a soulful

Q. Wonderful! People often term freshers as unready to do students, what can you say to that?

(He Laughs)
A. I honestly don’t have much to say concerning that but, being a Mr fresher I don’t see how it stop one from reaching his goals, his primary assignment which is his studies. I am ready to do, I’m ready to learn.

Q. Wow, I can feel the optimism. Tell me one thing interesting about yourself you’ve not told me

A. As an extrovert. I love mingling with positive people; people with zeal, well do to people. Am free to everyone as I don’t keep grudge, I don’t accommodate fouls

Q. Who is your style icon and why?
A. Ice Prince Zamani. I love his styles, his kind of life and of cuz I love spending on the things I wear just like him.

Q.  Finally, is there anything you want to say to your fellow freshers? Any advice or shutouts?
A. Shutout to my fellow freshers, shutout to my colleagues and well wishers. My advice is for us not to forget our aims and objectives in IBBUL. Let’s not over roll and forget where we came from and where we’re heading. One love

Thank you for granting this interview and I wish you great academic success

Its my pleasure


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