Adegoke Adeola laments the exploitations in the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) calls for entries


Adegoke Adeola in his recent post on Facebook has this to say:

So, I saw call for submission, ANA annual literary prize bla bla bla… My take is what is Nigeria standing for, like this trend of exploit got the better of our Literary landscape too. 3000 naira entry fee is quite ridiculous, I can’t seem to understand why I should pay for writing encouragement when other countries are working relentlessly on how to eradicate this entry fee of a thing and not to talk of that amount. Look at the prize self 100,000 ‘smh’. If you can’t talk something sensible, Just ignore my post, I curse a lot these days, nonsense something.


Below was the post that announced the call for entries:

The Association of Nigerian Authors [ANA] hereby announces a range of prizes for its 2018 literary competitions. The prizes are:
1. ANA Prize for Poetry (published & unpublished) – N 100,000
2. ANA Prize for Prose Fiction (published & unpublished) – N 100,000
3. ANA Prize for Drama (published & unpublished) – N 100,000
4. ANA Prize for Children’s Literature- 7-13 years age range (Published works only and open to all categories of authors) – N100, 0000
5. ANA/ Abubakar Gimba Prize for Fiction (Short Stories Collection-Published) – N200, 000.
6. ANA/NECO Teen Authors Prize for Prose (Published & Unpublished)- N100,000
6. ANA/Maria Ajima Prize for Literary Criticism (Focus on criticism of emergent Nigerian Literature) – N100, 000
Nigerian writers, at home and abroad, desirous of entering their works for the Annual Literary Prizes, may now do so. Works entered should have been published between 2017 and 2018.
1. An entry fee of N3, 000 (per entry) is required for all the prizes except the Teen Authors Prize. The fee is to be paid by the author or the publisher in favour of the:
ACCOUNT NAME: Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA)
BANK: Zenith Bank of Nigeria Plc
ACCOUNT NO: 1014606745
Please, note:
[a] The entry fee is for the purpose of prize administration only.
[b] A photocopy of the appropriate Deposit Slip[s] MUST accompany Requirement #2 below.
2. Six copies (6) of the book or manuscript to be entered, specifying the Prize being entered for, alongside a covering letter and the photocopy of the Deposit Slip used in Requirement 1 above, should be sent by post to:
The General Secretary,
Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA),
KM 2, Mamman Vatsa Writers’ Village, Mpape, Abuja
Or PMB 18485,Area 10 Garki, Abuja
The covering letter should contain accurate contact details of the writer or/and publisher of the work, including email and surface mail addresses and telephone numbers.
Please, note also that:
[a] The Association will NOT take responsibility for the delay in the postal service nor claim registered parcels in cases where it has to pay for such entries or parcels.
[b] Multiple entries, where applicable, are allowed but a work must not have been entered for the same prize prior to the present entry and it must have been published between 2017 and 2018.
The works that are to be submitted in all categories should be original and not recast(s) of already existing works. All submissions are subjected to copyright laws of Nigeria as authors should note that they retain full responsibility for any sort of infringement. Works entered into for ANA prizes are expected to be of the highest language and literary quality.
(a)ANA/ Maria Ajima Prize for Literary Criticism (published works only)
Length: Not more than 15 pages of A4 paper size following format of academic essays.
1. Type double spaced using MS Word. Use Times New Roman Type face 12 point font size.
2. The essay, if published in a journal, newspaper, books or as electronic text on-line, must be within the valid dates indicated on this call for submissions.
3. Referencing style is either the latest MLA or APA style.
4. Five hard copies as loose sheets or as a bound monograph are to be submitted to ANA, plus a soft copy sent by email to and
6. The essay should not be a generalized survey but should rather be focused on specific texts (in any of the genres) of selected authors at a time.
7. The essay should state where the texts or performance analysed can be accessed or located and where it (essay) has been published.
8. All entries in this category should be accompanied by a letter affirming the originality of the essay and authorial authenticity.
9. In addition, all other rules covering ANA competitions are applicable.
Copyright: The copyright to every winning entry is to be held by the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Maria Ajima Trust, and the author of the work. The winning entry will be published in subsequent ANA Reviews.
(b) ANA.NECO Teen Authors Prize for Prose(Published & Unpublished)
Entries must be accompanied by photocopies of Birth Certificate/
Declaration of Age and any other evidence of the entrant as a school-going person.
Deadline for the receipt of ALL entries is Friday, May 25th, 2018(there will be no extension of this deadline). A shortlist will be announced in September, 2018. Winners of the prizes will be announced by the judges at the Awards Dinner during the 37th International Annual Convention of the Association of Nigerian Authors in October, 2018.
Ofonime Inyang, PhD
General Secretary

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1 thought on “Adegoke Adeola laments the exploitations in the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) calls for entries

  1. Another person complaining bitterly about this!

    Micheal Ace
    That was how one (insert a very bad adjective) guy dropped a very numb comment on one of the duels I participated in last year.
    I was to write a poem on ‘Season’; so I titled my poem ‘Winter’. This guy was mockingly asking me what ‘Winter’ was doing in African poetry. I was surprised and speechless.
    This made me ask Jide Badmus yesterday that does the fact that you’re born African automatically makes you an African writer and restrict you to Africa?
    I’m sure this idiot didn’t even know the meaning of African literature and what it entails, just like many others around here. You write a poem, title it ‘Awéléwà’, use some Yoruba words in it and you think that’s African? It’s more than that, poet. Go back to your elders and learn.
    As an African, don’t I have the choice to explore themes and use foreign dictions and imageries? Can’t I think beyond Africa and bring the whole world on a piece of paper?
    Someone was telling me yesterday that she couldn’t believe that at this age and time, some African poets are still writing to blacken the white and blame them for making us what we are. Obviously the guy must have been one of the mentally still enslaved blacks.
    So that ‘Winter’ isn’t African means it doesn’t exist right? See, African literature is more than the language used in our writings. This is what we should all understand.
    I didn’t start writing poetry with the aim of promoting or advocating for Blacks. I started poetry with the aim of changing the world. So I have no restriction. No limit. No bound. And no one can create one for me now. The aspiration of most of these African writers is to win Nobel prize. Isn’t it? Does Nobel prize belong to Africa alone? What about the international recognition we all crave for?
    You’re claiming African and all your literary works are written in English. Some of you don’t even understand the depth your mother’s tongue. Bullshit.
    Don’t let anyone brainwash you into fighting a battle that has already been won. Home stuff doesn’t always pay. Imagine ANA, a whole Nigerian organized literary platform asking writers to submit their hard earned works with an entry fee of #3,000 only to win #100,000 (No Sponsor) while Brunel which is International African gives out €3000 every year with free entry.
    I just hope the guy gets to read this wherever he is now, cos I think I ‘unfriended’ him then.
    ©Micheal Ace

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