Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark wrote her future husband

Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark

Dear Future Husband
This would be the first note to you. I know we haven’t met probably we have, I can’t really tell. I’m not gonna over exaggerate the love but know that I’m a very lovable person.
They say people that smiles alot have a deep heart but know that no matter how deep my heart might be, it has God and as long as God is love my heart is already filled with love to cherish you. Having the thoughts that I have to be strong for you and the home we’ll build gives me a good reason to rejoice about our future.
I know you’ll be an handsome and God loving man and how creative our children would grow to be alone is giving me goose bumps . I’m looking forward to having a unique home, a generation of important personnel and great leaders. I can’t wait to make my father proud . I should be talking about future husband right “let’s start a fresh”
Dear Emperor
I’ve read write ups that have God, God, God, God.. Yes! God would be the center of it all but please you have to be *romantic* we can’t have dull moments, I might not be a fan of other love languages but I love affections, please you just have to be affectionate. I love to know I’m priority, I love to know how important I am. Its not just about telling me but its about showing it to me and I trust God to make you that man. Traveling is a very important goal environment bores me , I love adventures, I’ve always had a thing for Korea and I have this big plan of visiting someday, you can’t expect me to go alone na , how about Hawaii and other secret places I don’t wanna expose now. I’ll love you to be intelligent, it drives me insane , when you have a father like mine you just have to love men with intelligence. And you definitely have to be intelligent if you want my fathers approval he will just finish you with questions lesan . I’ll love to learn from you, I’ll love to listen to you talk, it just makes me proud of you.
Please you can’t just not like to take pictures, this is one of my happiness points, I can like to stare at the pictures, thing like that creates memories. I’m sure you’ll have a good dress sense, I mean its the first appearance na. And it enhances the pictures also .
Please!! I’m not a wicker vessel don’t even try me. I’m also your helpmeet being an home keeper doesn’t mean its slavery. I’ve watched my parents enough to know how marriage should work . You would be wealthy, you know we can’t do all the traveling without funds and you know I have to always look beautiful for you . Don’t worry you won’t be bringing all the money and I won’t be wasting your money either. I’m also building myself to be a better wife and mother that you and our kids will be proud of. And erm, I won’t love to remove my fathers name “Bismark” I love the name so much please I hope you’ll respect that decisions. I can always add yours you know
Enitiokanmife my totality is in God’s hand and yours. My love for you won’t drain or perish. I love you with all my heart Ireifetioluwafunmi .
Toluwalase Ayomide Bismark (TAB)

As written by her on Facebook. No editing

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